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New year’s resolutions: Save Money!

moneyWellllll… What a month of spending! Presents, Xmas parties, drinks galore and new (usually sequin-embellished) clothes to wear to each and every outing… Needless to say there is no way I have managed to put as much aside as I was hoping to this month. Again.

But next year, readers, we have a wedding to plan! And I need to make sure I’m saving enough money for the big day as well as for my life as a wife! I mean come on, that designer wedding dress is not just going to land on my doorstep… Hard work is how the modern Cinderella finds her way to the ball! And buying a house flat in London seems like the most challenging investment in the World when you’re on the same side of it as I am. Savings accounts and tax efficient ISA‘s are just so important at our age, and there are a few app’s I’m going to be using throughout 2015 to make sure I reach my financial goals.

Official bank apps

I have the HSBC one and it’s pretty good for real time spending because it shows me exactly how much money is on my account but also how much is available if I have spent money that has not yet been taken. Because there comes a time when you have the face the fact that whatever the state of your account, you’re better off in the know! I’m going to quit hiding my head in the sand in 2015 and will be checking my account on a daily basis on my phone to see where my spending’s at. This should only take a few minutes on the bus each morning and should mean I’m in the right state of mind to look after my dosh.

Money management apps

I have finally come to realise that saving means planning. Gosh am I getting old and wise. I guess managing your own finances is a little bit like having a business: you have to forecast. And there are many apps out there to help us shopaholics see how much we can spend on handbags and how much we need to put aside to reach our goals. I also find that apps such as MoneyWiz (which I’ve just downloaded and like so far) really help you appreciate just how much money you spend on different areas of your life. For example, looking at the graphs, I have had shocking news with regards to the amount of money I spend on taxis… You know what they say: if you can’t walk in heels, grab a cab! But maybe I should revert to trainers more often 😉 Anyway, money management apps will definitely be my new besties in the year to come, making sure I know exactly where my precious pennies ‘disappear’ to!

Bring on the bargains!

There are so many apps out there designed to help you save/spend money. I say ‘save/spend’ because of course they also encourage you to spend more than you initially had intended to if they prompt you to splash out on a spontaneous holiday… However when used within reason they really can help you save a few dols and I am definitely going to be replacing Net-A-Porter with the Outnet app as well as making virtual space in my life for the likes of Vente PriveeSecret Escapes and Very Chic! Talking about low-cost, the EasyJet app is pretty handy for a last minute getaways too. Well, if you’re going to spend money, you might as well spend less!

So, here’s to a new year of sensible Aimee! Hey – I can hear you doubting me in the back row.. 😉