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We’re engaged!

Blog mariage fiancailles photos

Long time, no speak! And I’m back with some fantastic news! Monsieur Marcel and I are engaged! Get ready for this blog to go weddinglistic!

Blog mariage fiancailles photos

Our romantic story involves a surprise weekend, a taxi going in the ‘wrong’ direction, a Beatles song, a white shirt, a leather jacket, a trip back to the first I love you, a proposal that made me overflow with tears of joy, a YES, a beautiful Chaumet white gold and diamond ring, more tears of joy down the phone to my family, another taxi to another unknown destination, an afternoon at a luxurious spa staring at the dazzling thing on my finger, bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles, rose petals, a night in the Rennaissance Hotel at St Pancras and the two happiest people on Earth.

Blog mariage fiancailles photos

So, looks like we have a wedding to plan! And by us, I mean Monsieur Marcel, myself, and YOU! We’ve been engaged for a couple of months now and as the idea starts to sink in (it takes SO much longer than you might expect!) we’re starting to plan our wedding for end of Summer 2015. We’ll be getting married in France as I felt it was important for us to both go ‘home’ for what will be one of the most memorable days of our lives.

Blog mariage fiancailles photos

Beautiful Ted Baker dress from John Lewis here.

To be continued… Thanks to Chrstiana from TheLifestyleDirectory for these pics, taken at St Pancras station. Actually, Christiana has some news for you too…