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3 Places to visit in Paris this Summer 2014

summer parisHappy Sunday everyone I hope you’re weekend is as peaceful and sunny as mine. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know how often I travel to Paris and I’m stopping over there again next weekend which reminded me I should get posting some Parisian tips on here some time. The city is changing at a fast pace and is already quite different from the Paris I knew and fell in love with (and in !) five years ago. Luckily, my frequent trips allow me to keep up and when I’m not there myself I have plenty of friends living in the French capital to keep me up to date on what’s going on.

Traveling from London to Paris is so simple these days that in just a few hours you can pack your bag and go get that je ne sais quoi every perfect Summer needs. Here are the top 3 things that should be on your list this Summer if you’re planning a getaway to Paris, the city of lights, romance and gorgeous French people.

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1: Les berges

This is an area of Paris I did not know until very recently – shame on me! It’s the latest place to go for a stroll when you’ve filled your face with too much baguette and I was so impressed with the area I can’t wait to go back. I’m not one to say Paris is a modern city but the work the county has done along the Seine is seriously impressive stuff finally giving this museum of a city the touch of modern creativity it lacked. There are hamacs to lie in, huts to book for the day , dance lessons, photography courses and more – all for free. What’s not to love?


2: The Printemps Rooftop

Despite the famous images of Parisian rooftops a la Aristocats, the French city is actually not the best place for a drink on the skyline. From what I know, having a rooftop view is a luxury only the maids would have in Paris since the top floors are often made up of wardrobe-sized rooms the “bonnes” – in other words house-carers – would call home. If you’re moving to Paris for a few months, are looking for a cheap(ish) place to stay and don’t mind having the toilet at the end of your bed I might recommend you rent one of these chambres for yourself and you may get to see the whole of Paris, including Madame Eiffel, from your teeny window. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could always get a partial yet beautiful view from the top of the famous Galeries Lafayette store on Boulevard Haussman. The view won’t be quite as romantic as the twilight shot above, but you will see the Palais Garnier, one of my favourite 19th century buildings in Paris otherwise known as L’Opéra – arguably the most famous opera house in the World. The rooftop is free to access – unless you end up shopping on your way up – and you can even grab a coffee on the floor below if you’re in need of a café. Don’t go late as it closes at the same time as the shop – 8pm – but do turn up whenever you feel like it before then as you won’t even need to queue for the view.


3: La Nuba 

If making yourself at home means hanging with the cool dudes then La Nuba is the place for you. I meet many people in London who like myself know Paris quite well after years of city-hopping like there ain’t no Channel. When you get to this point in a relationship with a city, you don’t want to be doing the touristy stuff any more. You want to be a part of it. And “it” my friends, is la Nuba. Make sure you pack your most hipster-chic outfit as well as a well-topped up credit card and head off for La Nuba no earlier than 10pm for the full Parisian experience. You’ll have to queue (for a while) outside but just remember it’s all part of the fun – and the fashion show. The club closes in the early hours of the morning but if nightlife is not what you’re looking for it opens again in the day time for laid-back lunch on the terasse.

Let me know if you get to try any of these three places and bon voyage!