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What makes me smile with Colgate #MAXWHITESMILE


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… ♬♬♬

When it comes to a smiley face I’m more than a giver – even though this blog makes me look a little more pouty than I am in real life ! It’s never easy to give a full-on smile to a camera lens but grinning at my favourite things is a day-to-day habit I have and intend on keeping. In fact I have been caught by more than one bus-stranger smiling away on my own thinking of a loved one or a fond memory. I truly believe smiling makes life more pleasant, even on the toughest of days. I once read that forcing your face muscles to smile sends positive vibes to your brain, tricking those hormones into happy-mode ! So smiling is more than just a whim, it can be a clever trick.

When Colgate asked a few happy bloggers to make a video of what made them smile, I knew the challenge could be easily accepted. In fact, my whole Instagram account is more or less a diary of things that make me smile… I snap away at flowers, shoes, DIY projects, pretty homes and London landscapes… Here is the compilation I created for the Colgate #MAXWHITESMILE campaign including all of those things, a bagel, a green smoothie, an early Spring BBQ, my gorgeous man and more :

Have you ever noticed how a smile is genuinely a girl’s (or anyone’s !) best accessory?! I always admire people who are comfortable enough to simply smile their way through life, whatever the situation, however bad the hair day, however intimidating the people opposite. I aim to smile as much as possible on a daily basis, whether it’s to make someone else feel good or to get the positive juices flowing for my own sake. As a rule I always look on the bright side of life and I guess Colgate Max White One Optic (that’s a mouthful – pun intended !) is the perfect way to make sure your smile shines bright like a diamond.

Yep, three songs in one post. Nailed it.

Colgate Max White One Optic is the simple answer to an instantly visible whiter smile. Buy it in high street chemists or most major supermarkets, priced at around £4.49.

xx Love from smiley London,


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