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Clones N Clowns by Aimee Wood

Pastel frosting colour chart


Breaking news : pastel colours are taking over the blog ! I’m so inspired by this beautiful weather we’ve been having and uber ready (yes UBER ready) for some proper pretty pastels… Summer is on its way lovely readers, let’s celebrate !


Images from Food Network Magazine.

To kick off this pastel frenzy, here are a few pretty pictures I have been keeping in my INSPIRATION file for almost a year already… Can you see what they are ?! (The clue is in the title…) : PASTEL FROSTING ! Who would have guessed you could make such beautiful colours with your average blue / red / yellow / green supermarket colouring ?! I’m really impressed with how delicious these hues look, so poetic and refreshing… I think the only reason I haven’t yet made any of these frostings is because I tend to steer clear of artificial colouring. You might guess I’m tempted to make a chart of my own using natural colouring and juices… Stay tuned ! And get pinning these gorgeous, Spring colours !


Pastel Aimee, one million ideas per second.