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What is your beauty minimum ? #MyNude


At a time when pro tips and low cost makeup seem to be taking over the world, you would think we now have the key to maximum beauty. But wait…. What’s that I hear ? The new trend is NUDE ? Yep, not natural, nude. As in ditch all that stuff you spent a year’s salary on and go to the shops stark naked. Hmmm… More easily said than done, dear Vogue.

So I’ve been thinking, over the past few weeks… What IS my nude ? What’s my bare minimum ? How nude is too nude ? I don’t usually wear much make-up which makes this a whole lot easier for me than someone who is used to the whole shebang. However, over time, I have moved on from the single swoosh of mascara I used to sport and little by little more creams and powders have made their way into my bag and every day life. So I tried going totally nude. Fail. I felt like those days when the postman turns up too early – totally invasive if you’re not dressed and done up yet. After a few goes, I have come to the conclusion that I “need” four products : my CC cream, my mascara, my powder and my lip balm. My trick is to use these for more than one part of my face. For instance I use my lip balm to smooth my eye brows and give a bit of glow to my cheeks. I also like to use my contour powder as an eye shadow from time to time… My mascara trick is my favourite though : I press down on the water line for an instant eye-liner effect. So four products, that’s MY minimum. Not saying I literally won’t or can’t go out without them, but that’s what it takes for me to feel presentable the way I want to be. What about you ?


This post is a challenge to you as much as to me : comment your minimum OR, if you have a blog, show us your favourites in a post using the tag #MyNude in the title. Linking to this post will mean a link to your own post will appear in the comments down below so that other readers can go and check out your contribution to the #MyNude tag. Get it ? Can’t wait to read your posts ! Get nuding !