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DIY Homemade nourishing rosehip face mask

rosehip oil diy mask

If you have never heard of or used rosehip essential oil before, you’re in for a treat. It will sooth your skin better than anything else. I have already admitted I’m a huge rose fan, in fact my rose water face steam would be perfect to use before this mask. There’s nothing like a home spa to cheer you up on a cold, rainy day !

Rosehip oil is a very good one to have in your cupboard. It is rich in antioxidants as well as calcium, magnesium and more. Some say our skin is the last to benefit from the nutritions in the food we eat, so feeding it naturally from the outside in is also an important step in your health routine. Rosehip oil is known for it’s powers to heel even scars and soothes your skin from extreme temperatures. The yogurt in this recipe is also soothing and hydrating and the honey is good at cleansing your pores. Used on a regular basis this mask can really help replenish your skin.

Homemade, nourishing rosehip oil face mask, YOU WILL NEED :

– 2 tsp plain (or greek) yogurt
– 5 drops of rosehip essential oil
– 1 tsp honey

DIY homemade rosehip oil face mask

In a small bowl, whip your honey until it’s nice and runny and mix in your yogurt. When you have a nice blend, add your oil and mix again until smooth and homogenous. Spread this mask over your face (avoiding eyes and mouth), neck and shoulders. Leave for 15-20 minutes and wash as usual.

DIY homemade rosehip oil face maskDIY homemade rosehip oil face mask

Oh and by the way – oils aren’t necessarily to be avoided if your skin is already oily. I know that sounds odd, but rosehip oil is a dry, light oil, meaning it won’t overload your face with grease at all. Apparently Miranda Kerr uses rosehip oil on her face every night… Must be worth it !

See you tomorrow for our final cosy week post… Something smells of healthy brunch !


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