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DIY heart printed socks


Having a warm heart starts with keeping your tootsies toasty so this is the perfect DIY if you’re getting tired of the winter chill. You could either wear these out on Valentine’s day (they’re not the sexiest outfit in town but they’re definitely adorable!!) or wear them to cosy around and watch chick flicks with your girlfriends. Or of course you could simply stuff them in your sock drawer and have a nice surprise from time to time. Either way, they’re the perfect dose of oh so cute when the world is going crazy about lurve.

To make these heart print socks, YOU WILL NEED :

– A pair of socks to print
– Acrylic paint, diluted with a drop of water. You want your paint to be still quite thick, but dilluted enough for the sponge to absorb it. Add the water drop by drop and see how it goes, you can always add more but you can’t take it back out !
– A sponge
– Paper, a pen, scissors to make your stencil


Step 1 : Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart on the folded

Step 2 : Cut out the heart to make your stencil. You can use the cut out heart as a (very) last minute Valentine’s card 😉diy-heart-socks3

Step 3 : When you buy socks, they are usually folded on the top and bottom so they stay nice and flat and have that V shape. We want to unfold the socks and lay them flat, the way you would wear them.

Note : This is a good time to put some flat newspaper in your socks to prevent the paint going through both

Step 4 : Place the stencil on the socks so that each sock has half a heart over it. You want the edges of your socks to join in the middle of the

Step 5 : Dip your sponge in the paint and stamp over the

Step 6 : Remove the stencil and leave to dry overnight. Remove the newspaper when

A note on acrylic paint : You can wash your socks printed with acrylic paint and your design should stay put. It will not dye other items in the wash. Using acrylic paint is the best option for this project because using a more liquid fabric paint or using dye would result is a much more blended heart. I like how acrylic paint allows you to get clean lines without the fabric absorbing it in and blending the outlines.

Final step : Wear one sock on each foot (the right way round!!) and curl up in a cosy blanket before taking foot-selfies and posting them on Instagram ! Be sure to tag me in if you do 😉 -> @clonesnclownsblog


I hope you like this cosy DIY, see you tomorrow for a soothing recipe <3


Love from the bottom of my socks,