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New Year in Chinatown, London


Good morning, readers ! I hope you’re good this morning. I had such an intense week last week, follwed by a full-on weekend, I think I need another one to recover ! One of the best events of my weekend was experiencing the Chinese New Year in Chinatown for the first time. I have been promising myself I’ll go for the last few years so it was about time we checked the party out. Although bits were slightly disappointing (due to very high expectations no doubt!), all in all it was a great day and experience. Here are the photos I took.


The funny thing about yesterday’s festivities, and the part we were a tad disappointed by, was the parade. It was… short and to be honest not particularly impressive. I was expecting something amazing, with massive dragons, masks and floats galore. Oh well, at least we got to see a double decker bus full of dressed up kids and a gigantic blow-up duck 😉


We then moved on to Leicester Square which was super busy too. It took us ages to cross the place so I had my camera at the ready and was click-click-clicking all around to make the most of the unusual views. There were a few stands along the side, free ballons (sponsored by a bank haha) and also a huge stage in the centre of the square. I’m not sure what was going on on there, but there were quite a lot of people standing in front of it so maybe something was about to begin.


We quickly noticed the cute little dragons people were holding and so went on a search to find our own little Chinese pets. We walked to Chinatown and this was my favourite part of the day. There were endless decorations and lots of stands in the streets, people everywhere and of course the sweet smell of Chinese food…


We didn’t actually stop for Chinese at the time but we did make our own Chinese dumplings in the evening. It was great fun and absolutely delicious !

I think what I enjoyed most yesterday was seeing so many people meet up to celebrate a holiday from another country. Whether it’s out of curiosity or love of a good party, I always like seeing people mingle on days like this. So many people, young and old, will keep that day as a fun memory !


Did you celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend ? Or have you in previous years ?

Love from Chinatown