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DIY bottines fourrure

Faux fur seems to be my new DIY thing.. I designed a faux fur headband for a French website I hold a column on, and then posted a faux fur hat tutorial on here… And now these shoe clips ! I’ve used my piece of faux fur up now so that’s me done with fur for a while… But I enjoyed all three projects so much ! It’s really easy to work with and with fur being so on trend this year each time the result was thrillingly fashionable.

After yesterday’s leather fringe shoe clips, I wanted to work with a totally different material to show you how versatile these accessories can be. I told you your boots would become all-in-one wonders ! I actually ended up making two pairs of faux fur clips, as you can see : one for my boots and another one for my trainers. With Spring just around the corner, I couldn’t resist !

To make your own DIY faux fur shoe clips, YOU WILL NEED :

– Faux fur
– Scissors
– A ruler / tape measure
– Chalk
– 4 to 6 metal shoe clips like these
– Glue (here I used a glue gun but you can use any accessory / strong glue)

Step 1 : Measure around the ankle of your shoe and decide on the height you want to give your fur. Don’t forget to add 5cm to that last figure, so that you can fold the fur inside the boot at the top (nice and cosy!). Here is a quick illustration of those dimensions :


Step 2 : Draw a line 5cm from the edge of the fur and stick your clips on this line. Make sure they open towards the longer side of fur, like mine. Leave to dry.DIY bottines fourrure

To see how to clip the fur onto your shoes, check out yesterday’s video – but it’s pretty self-explanatory really, I’m sure you’ll catch on quickly 😉

DIY bottines fourrure

To make the faux fur clips for my trainers, I measured around the back of the shoes (15cm) and counted 10cm for the height – that’s 5cm for outside the shoe and 5cm to fold inside. So quick and easy and yet so casually stylish ! LOVE !

DIY baskets fourrure

Which do you like best ?! I think I’ll have to go with the trainers…

DIY baskets fourrure

Have a great weekend y’all and make sure you’re back on Sunday to find out what materials I used for shoe clips #3 !



DIY baskets fourrure