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DIY Advent Tree !


I’m officially counting the days until Christmas already, aren’t you ?! I just can’t wait for the family time, games and… let’s admit it – gifts (the giving AND the receiving heehee). And given I have NEVER made a homemade advent calendar, I figured now was the right time to give it a whirl ! My advent calendar is actually an advent tree with mini prezzies – one a day until the big day ! I decided to fill mine with samples of make-up, I had so many lying around and saw all the fancy make-up calendars designed by cosmetic brands this year – I thought the usual I can make that ! So here we are !


You will need :

To make this homemade advent calendar, I first cut pieces of A4 paper into squares, by simply removing the extra rectangle. I then used number stamps and ink to decorate the paper before folding them into cubes and filling them with make-up samples – but you can hide whatever you like : chocolate, sweets, notes… Finally, I decorated some branches and popped them in a vase before hanging my parcels with wool.

calendrier-de-l'avant-diy3Step 1 : Stamp your paper from 1 to 25 – I know a lot of you will say an advent calendar only goes to 24, but I just love having one last surprise on Xmas day too ! I used a star stamp to add extra decoration too – you can make your paper festive however you like or even use pretty giftwrap for an easier option.


Step 2 : When the ink is dry, fold your paper into two along the diagonal. Always keep the numbers on the right side out throughout the whole tutorial.


Step 3 : Fold your triangle in half again.


Step 4 : Open up your square completely and now fold it in half into a rectangle.


Step 5 : Fold the rectangle in half to make a square.


Step 6 : You now need to use the folds from steps 1 and 2 to make a triangle.Calendrier-de-l'avant-DIY-etape-6

Step 7 : Repeat on both sides.Calendrier-de-l'avant-DIY-etape-7

Step 8 : Take the outside corner and fold it in towards the top, lining the paper up in the middle.


Step 9 : Repeat on all four corners. You will end up with a diamong shape.


Step 10 : Fold the two side corners of your diamond inwards, to meet in the middle – not quite touching.


Étape 11 : Turn your diamond over and repeat with the other two side corners.


Step 12 : On one side of your shape, probably the top, you should be able to peel away the corners again. Find these and carefully slip them inside the corners bellow – as shown. Turn your diamond over and repeat – so you will have tucked away 4 corners in total.


Step 13 : Crease the bottom of your shape as shown to prepare for the next step…


Step 14 : Now BLOW inside the open end of your shape to blow up the cube ! Fun right ?!

Now do that all again, 24 times 😉 It’s not as bad as it sounds at all, put a good film on or get the whole family to join in…


Step 15 : Fill each cube with a surprise… My make-up samples worked a treat, but remember you can use whatever you like as long as it fits through that top hole !Calendrier-de-l'avant-DIY-etape-15Step 16 : Now wrap all your prezzies with wool and have fun dotting them around your “tree” ! May the treasure hunt begin !

calendrier-de-l'avant-diy4So – are you going to try it ?! If you are, what will be in your cubes ?! I can’t wait to start opening mine, I can’t even remember what day 1 is so it’s going to be a real surprise !calendrier-de-l'avant-diy

Love from PARIS !