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How to stop wool shredding and going everywhere


I don’t know about you, but I’m already having a hairy Winter. Not that kind of hairy of course… Wooly hairy. Faux fur, merino, cashmere, angora… Soft and snuggly! But definitely a little bit too hairy. I realized this last night when M. Marcel got home with a pale pink shirt covered in shreds of dark wool. My wool, rest assured. The thin black shreds that got away from my sweater yesterday morning when I said goodbye. Oops! It’s a bit like shouting “HE’S MINE!” Haha. Made me feel a little guilty – wool all over your shirt is never a good look.

So on my guilt trip, I finally decided to try the revolutionary trick I had heard and read about so many times. You know the one that goes :

To avoid wool shredding, PUT IT IN THE FREEZER.


Yup. That’s what I did.

For those of you who have no idea what this means having never read about this magic trick before, here’s the theory. To stop wool shredding and sticking to everything, all you (supposedly) have to do is pop your garment or accessory in the freezer for a few hours. Once will do for a lifetime of hairless shirts (and “hairful” scarves), according to the legend. I’m not so sure, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Having recently bought a 12% angora scarf and hat from H&M (nice range actually, be sure to take a look next time you’re in there), I decided they would be my number one target, before those beige hairs spread all over the place. I had a few reservations before I tried, like “but won’t my scarf turn into a block of ice?!” “will I be able to snap it in half when it comes out?!” “won’t it be soaking as it unfreezes?!” “do I put it in naked or put it in a bag?!”… I decided to go all the way and put my scarf and hat against the ice and smoothie-bags my freezer is full of. I left them in there for one whole night.


This morning, bright and early before my 7AM Eurostar, I pulled my scarf out of the freezer. To my surprise, it was only just cold and had definitely not turned into a block of rabbit-flavoured ice (yes, angora is rabbit hair). I rubbed my scarf against my PJs and HALLELUJAH, it worked !!!!! I don’t particularly understand the chemistry, but who cares, no more shredding.

Or so I thought. Because since then there has been a slight disillusion alert. Admittedly, I have been rubbing myself against everything I see like a cat just to test the trick. But I’m afraid I must report, the hairs have started escaping again. Nooooooo !!! But yes. Only a teeny bit, it is NOTHING like it used to be so, so far, well worth the freezing. But I’m afraid it might get worse with time… Maybe I’ll just need to freeze my clothes before each time I wear them. In which case, I’d like a freezer-wardrobe please, Father Xmas. (OK maybe not.)

I’ll keep you posted by updating this in a few days and again in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I would definitely recommend this trick, at least before a particular event when you really want to wear that cashmere dress!

Have a lovely weekend,



EDIT 28/10/2013 : I am afraid to report that after just a few more hours, the scarf situation was back to normal, spreading shredded wool all over. I think it’s safe to say that despite a small illusion straight after freezing, the freezer trick is an urban legend. What a shame !!!! And my scarf was only 12% angora, imagine how messy it would get with 100% ! Sorry guys ! But at least you don’t have to try it, you can count on my weird experience and save your freezer an odd intruder or two ! xx