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DIY How to make Faux Fur Pompoms


Beanies (or bobble hats as I would usually call them) are in at the moment, probably thanks to the fashionable Cara Delevingne. There’s also no doubt faux fur is a current trend – so why not combine the two ?! I’ve been making funky faux fur pompons recently after my friend Jane from the amazing crafts workshop venue Tea and Crafting in Camden showed me how. It’s soooo simple and yet it had never crossed my mind to brush a pompom with a hairbrush – look how cool the result is ! Proper balls of fluffy fur !


To make your own fluffy faux fur pompons, YOU WILL NEED :

– Thick wool (real wool if possible, it looks so much nicer !)
– Scissors
– A brush
– Your hands

how-to-make-a-furry-pompom-faux-furStep 1 : Take the end of the wool in your handhow-to-make-a-furry-pompom-faux-fur2Step 2 : Wrap the wool around your hand about 50 3 : Chop another piece of wool about 30cm 4 : Remove the wool ball from your hand (you can do this before step 3 too)how-to-make-a-furry-pompom-faux-fur5Step 5 : Place your cute little bundle of wool on top of the other piece of wool, as shown 6 : Tie it, nince and tight !how-to-make-a-furry-pompom-faux-fur7Step 5 : Chop open the loops, to make your 6 : Tug carefully at the wool to open out your 7 : Now brush your little pompom friend with a wiry brush to give it the perfect faux fur look ! Keep going until it’s perfectly furry 🙂how-to-make-a-furry-pompom-faux-fur10

Tadaaa ! Make lots of different colours and have fun putting them on your hats, scarves, bags and more ! I like to attatch mine with a safety pin so I can swap and change as I please, but of course you can stitch them on too for a more permanent result. Also, remember you can transform a pompom you already have by simply taking it from step 7.

Thanks SO much to Jane for showing me how to make these, I’ll be loving this trick forever ! Make sure you check out Tea and Crafting also, it’s the cutest crafts corner in town ! Think of it next time you’re looking for a cool place to have an unusual party, hen do or just fancy meeting like-minded people.

Enjoy 🙂faux-fur-bobble-hat-gifLove from furry London and see you tomorrow – I want to introduce you to a fantastic brand I have discovered !