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DIY : Old tights = New headband !


Tights on your head ?! The world is spinning upside down ! I have been having fun recycling recently as you may have noticed in yesterday’s outfit where I wore a pair of black nylon tights as a headband. Today, I took it a step further and decided to go for something more appropriate in the cold, rainy weather, so made a headband out of an old pair of wooly tights this time ! With a big fat bow, because rain still means happy !

All you need for this DIY project is a pair of tights, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread. And don’t worry if your stitching isn’t perfect – this is a great one for beginners because you won’t actually see the needle work once it’s finished ! No excuses !

Have fun !DIY-headband-from-wool-tights-step1Step 1 : Cut your tights in the middle of each leg so that you have two pieces the size of your head (simply measuring by holding tights around your head like a headband) and a third piece 10cm wide.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape2Step 2 : Start with one of the longer pieces flat on the table.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape3Step 3 : Fold one side into the centre.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape4Step 4 : Fold the other side into the centre too, joining the two in the middle.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape5Step 5 : Slip one side in the other and fold the outside edge in for a neat hem.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape6Step 6 : Hand-stitch or machine sew it in place. Don’t worry, tights are difficult to sew in a straight line – as I said earlier, you won’t be able to see the stitching once we’re done !DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape7Step 7 : Repeat with other head-sized piece of material so that you have two headbands (you’ll understand why very soon !)


Step 8 : Place one headband on top of the other, seams together in the middle.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape11Step 9 : Pinch the top headband and top layer of bottom headband to create your bow. DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape12Step 10 : Take your smaller piece of tights.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape13Step 11 : Fold both edges in to make it look neat.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape14Step 12 : Place it on your pinched bow (see step 9) and pull both edges to the back to create the middle of your bow.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape15Step 13 : Stitch together at the back. Stitch through the rest of the bow too, simply making sure you never go through the front layer so that, as suggested above, your sewing is invisible from the front.DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape16Step 14 : Adjust your bow so it’s just right !DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud-etape17

And now you can wear your pretty headband in as many ways as you would like : bow at the front, back, side… Hair up, down, tucked in… Have fun styling it your way !DIY-headband-bandeau-collants-laine-noeud

Like it ?! It’s so nice and warm ! I think I’m going to make more – I have a few more design ideas too !

See you tomorrow – I have something beautiful to show you !

Love from London