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Cropped knit and pencil skirt : Would You ?! #9


After some nice warm breakfast, let’s get dressed ! I told you this week on the blog would be like one long day ! And because days are getting colder and colder, it’s time for a pair of opaque tights, a wooly sweater and a tight, warm skirt. But not just any skirt. A pencil skirt ! Wow, I never thought I’d say I’m wearing a pencil skirt, I used to think they looked so old-fashioned ! But for a few years now they’ve been creeping back up and this season, this is it. The pencil skirt is back. And I’m giving it a go and loving it !


It all started when I went to Topshop for a Personal Shopping experience and tried on this gorgeous outfit – a sequin pencil skirt with a wooly jumper. I was so surprised by how well it all worked together – I honestly love the contrasting silouhette of the cropped sweater and fitting skirt. And I have to say I’m pleased there is a trend out there celebrating hips for once !

On my head, I’m wearing an old pair of tights… Recycling all the way ! This is actually a bit of a trailer for tomorrow’s DIY – I’ll leave that to your imagination until then 😉


Jumper : Topshop
Skirt : River Island and if you don’t feel ready for the pencil trend yet, try the mini version here !
Tights (on my legs and head ^^) : Marks & Spencer
Boots : DUO BOOTS (I have a happy story to tell you about these very soon!)


So, tell me… Would You wear a cropped sweater with an all-trendy pencil skirt ?! And in fact, would you wear tights on your head ?! Or would you give this whole outfit a miss ?!

Looking forward to tomorrow <3


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