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DIY HARD printable – redecorating final part


It’s no secret blogging opens doors and I have met some wonderful people since the beginning of this adventure. Today, let me introduce you to the talented Anne-Laure from Bonjour Darling (love that blog name, don’t you ?!). Anne-Laure is not only a crafty blogger but also an amazing illustrator and so I was so pleased when she accepted to take part in my Redecorating My Home challenge ! We got on straight away and ideas bounced in all directions…

I knew the final touch to my new video space (the space I will be soon filming videos in for Clones N Clowns) would be a cute and crafty picture and thought it would be fun to play with the DIE HARD poster, turning it into DIY HARD and replacing the gun with a glue gun… Anne-Laure thought the idea was fun too and got to work in a flash – her own weapon of choice being a simple ball point pen. Impressive !


I love this picture so much I want to print and re-print it one million times ! I’d like to make a proper poster-sized version of it too 🙂 It’s really impressive when you see how the picture was drawn, Anne-Laure has posted a video of it on her blog – Be sure to check it out !


And because Anne-Laure and I wanted you to be able to have fun with this poster too, we thought you’d like to print it out at home (Download here and print in B&W on A4 paper), or use it as wallpaper on your phone and / or computer (download files on Anne-Laure’s blog). Enjoy !

I put my print in a simple black frame because I didn’t want to add more colour to the corner and also wanted Bruce to be the number one star !

I hope you have enjoyed this special week of re-decorating – it sure has been fun and I thank you so very much for all stopping by to see how the project was going ! I can’t wait to film videos in this special little space – I have lots planned so make sure you stay tuned ! Below I have put final pictures of before and after the Redecorating My Home project – see, even when you’re renting there is lots you can do with just a little bit of creativity and a small budget !

Before :before

After :DIY-hard4

DIY cushion cover and curtain : Tutorial here
DIY geometric heart cushion / pillow : Tutorial here 
DIY baroque print cushion / pillow  : Tutorial here
DIY 3D chevron vase : Tutorial here

A massive MERCI to our artist Anne-Laure l’artiste and a happy weekend to everyone !

xx from my home and see you soon for more exciting adventures !