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DIY 3D chevron vase – Recorating part 5


Flowers… Something my re-decorating had to include. I just love fresh flowers. Having a bunch of flowers in my home feels like luxury, I don’t care who sends them, in fact I love buying myself flowers it’s like the ultimate indulgence. Later on in life, I hope to have a bunch of fresh flowers delivered to my home every Monday morning. A seasonal surprise to kick start the new week ! Meanwhile, I had to include a few fresh flowers in my video area and for that I needed just one thing : a vase.

When I get asked what the number one tools to buy for DIYing are, the glue gun always gets a good place in my ranking. It’s just so useful, and you know I’m a sucker for a quick project… Glue guns just stick things like magic ! Most things, in fact. And you can even use a glue gun in the most surprising of ways – like for giving a 3D design to a vase. Or jug. Or both !


Sitcks of glue for my glue gun.

We have had this jug hanging around for a while now and even though I often like terra cota, this just look manky and has obviously seen previous redecorating sessions because it was splattered with paint. Not in a nice way ! I knew it was the perfect pick (or pichet, rather !) for my new space and also had no trouble choosing a colour. White came naturally to mind as I had already gone full blast on colours on the last three projects, and also didn’t want anything to dark in front of the window. So after just a few minutes gluing and painting and a few hours drying, my pretty space had a new accessory.

To make a 3D chevron vase, YOU WILL NEED :

– A vase to decorate
– A glue gun
– Sticks of glue (I used 5 but it all depends on your design and vase)
– A can of spray paint (I used enamel white)
– Newspaper to protect the ground


Step 1 : Wash and dry your vase and heat your glue gun. Draw lines of glue from top to bottom of your vase. Make sure you get them straight and remember the gaps will be wider where the vase is fatter. If you feel more comfortable, pencil before you glue.


Step 2 : Working section by section, add diagonal lines in between the vertical glue lines, joining them at the sides to form chevrons.


Step 3 : Cover the whole vase and leave to dry 15min.


Step 4 : Take your vase outdoors and place it on newspaper, ready to be sprayed.


Step 5 : Shake your can (it’s actually better to do this with the lid on !!)


Step 6 : Hold your can 30cm from the vase and spray a first coat of paint over the whole vase. Leave it to dry for one hour.


Step 7 : Come back and spray another layer of paint over the whole vase until it looks perfect. Leave to dry all afternoon or even all night. You might want to move it indoors to avoid humidity. Also avoid doing this on a windy day so that the paint doesn’t blow on you and leaves and dust don’t get stuck in your fresh paint.


When the paint is dry, your project is finished ! It’s as easy as that ! My vase has definitely brought a touch of sophistication and romance to my special corner – it also helps to store books. The two I’m enjoying at the moment are Plenty de Yotam and a book about healthy cooking for large numbers by a French blogger named Cléa. (not that I have kids or anything, but I have a lot of friends!)

Et voilà, mon vase sert à la fois à apporter une touche de vert et de romantisme ainsi qu’à tenir les deux livres que je dévore actuellement : Ottolenghi et Recevoir en Bio de Cléa !

Of course you don’t have to draw chevrons on your vase – in fact you can use this technique on many other things than vases too ! Have fun and be creative 🙂DIY-vase

See you tomorrow for our final day of Redecorating My Home – I hope you like the final touch, it’s a super special one 😉