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Levi’s Style Icon : total denim look


Have you ever wondered who your number one style icon is ?! If you could pick just ONE person…?! The latest Levi’s campaign got me thinking… Who is my style icon ?! I think I tend to go from one person to another… Sometimes it’s Kirsten Stewart for her grungy talent for never growing up from teenage years, but then I get sick of hoodies and drool over someone more glamourous like Lily Collins. But then again, sometimes it’s Zooey Deschanel for her bubbly pops of colour and cute dresses. To be honest, I even have moments of Gaga-lurve, for her fun spin on fashion, I love it when outfits are surprising and far-fetched. My style is constantly on the move, on days I’ll feel like being sophisticated – like this look from a few months ago – other days I tend to go for something a little more funky like this look posted last Summer (RIP my long haiiiiir!). I feel I’m taking more and more “risks” at the moment, I’m enjoying accessories so much more than ever before and really learning how to mix and match prints and colours. Levis7Levis6

Shirt : LEVI’S Jeans 501 : LEVI’S Head scarf : IKKS Socks : Topshop Shoes : Asos Bangle : Scooter Belt : Dockers Sunnies : Topshop


When LEVI’S challenged me to dressing like my style icon, it took a real brainstorm to realise I didn’t have just one. I have style icon moments. Or iconic styles. Similar, but not quite the same. As in, I would never dress like Rihanna on a party night, but when she’s sporting her total denim look I’m in full admiration ! I have always wondered how on earth she pulls that off – I mean, denim from head to toe ?! I love the way she plays with shades of denim and the shape of her clothes too… So I decided to take the challenge all the way and give the total denim look a whirl ! LEVI’S sent over these two pieces of clothing for me to choose to use one or the other in my Idol outfit post, but I challenged myself to wearing BOTH ! Same collection, two totally different styles… A 501 almost boyfriend-style pair of jeans matched with an unusual denim shirt with wing-like sleeves. Challenge accepted ! But of course I had to wear the total denim look my way – so none of Rihanna’s perfect pin skirts and clutches – instead a 50’s twang and a fun pair of heels ! Levis8Levis4Levis10 I’m actually really pleased with how this outfit turned out – total denim, totes nailed it ! I think I might give it another go, maybe with a skirt and shirt ?! Hmmm… Meanwhile, go on, give us a dance, Ri ! Levis

See you later for the next step of Redecorating My Home !

Love from London,


For more than 140 years, the Levi’s® brand has been equipping pioneers with the clothing they need to “Go Forth” and explore the modern frontier. From 501® jeans to the trucker jacket and western shirt, Levi’s® Fall 2013 collection features iconic clothing reinterpreted through a modern lens for today’s pioneers.


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