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DIY baroque print cushion cover – Redecorating part 4


Hello hello !

Here we go for our third day of redecorating my new video space and today it’s a baroque print cushion cover (by the way, I have a question… do Americans say pillow instead of cusion ?! I have seen many projects online saying pillow and I know many of my lovely readers are American, so is it weird that I say “cushion”?!!). I love baroque prints and mixed with pompoms they’re the perfect Anthropologie-style mix. Will we ever get over that brand ? I don’t know. Maybe not. It’s so full of inspiraton !

As you can see, the window seat cushion cover inspired me for colours again, the flowery fabric really has been my palette for the whole redecorating project. I love dipping into one of the fabrics used for colour inspiration, it means that everything turns out just right !


Because I’m feeling so lucky for having so many of you follow my adventures whilst I redecorate this part of our apartment, I thought today would be a good time to give you a little gift. I don’t just want to share the tips with you today, I want to share the tools, too ! So on the below supplies list you will find a link to the baroque print stencil I prepared for this project – use it on fabric, wood, jeans, a wall… Have fun !

Make a baroque print cushion cover ! YOU WILL NEED :

– The stencil to be download here and printed on A4 card
– A cushion cover
– Fabric paint
– A knife
– Masking tape
– Newspaper to protect the inside of your cover
– A sponge or paintbrush
– A sewing machine or needle and thread
– 2m of pompom ribbon
– A cushion or fluff to fill your cover


Step 1 : Cut out the stencil – use a little or much of the design as you wish ! baroque-cushion-DIY2

Step 2 : Protect the inside of your cover with newspaper and place the stencil in the centre of your cover…baroque-cushion-DIY3

Step 3 : …and stick it in place with masking tape.baroque-cushion-DIY4

Step 4 : Paint over your print by dabbing your brush or sponge carefully.baroque-cushion-DIY5

Step 5 : Cover the whole design.baroque-cushion-DIY6

Step 6 : Remove the stencil carefully and wait for the paint to be touch dry before continuing.baroque-cushion-DIY7

Step 7 : Place your stencil in other places on the cover and paint. Don’t hesitate to do half-prints around the edge of your cushion for a more authentic print.baroque-cushion-DIY9

Step 8 : Paint until you are happy with the look of your customised cushion cover and leave to dry over night. Iron your cover if needed – refer to the packaging of your fabric paint.baroque-cushion-DIY10

Step 9 : Sew the pompoms all around the cover.baroque-cushion-DIY11

Step 10 : Fill with fluff or a cushion. And you’re done !


Such a simple project and yet the result is beautiful – don’t you think ?!baroque-cushion-DIY15

Three days down, two to go ! Can’t wait to show you tomorrow’s DIY – by the end of the week this is going to be the cosiest window seat in London !

Baroque love,