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DIY geometric heart cushion – Re-decorating part 3


Good morning !

Today here’s a tutorial for all of you out there who just don’t want to sew a cushion cover ! Because I KNOW how many of you there are ! Every time I hold a workshop I’m hated for talking about sewing, apparently it’s a stressful activity haha So today I kept it simple, we WILL be using a needle BUT it’s a big, fun one to use and it’s NOT for making the cushion cover ! Instead, I bought a ready made, lemon shade one from I feel like a cheat but have to admit it was such a simple choice and definitely encouraged me to get down to customising more cushions for our home !

I decided on a heart to decorate my first cushion for my new video space – but not any heart, a neon graphic heart. Hell yeah, had to have some rock ‘n’ roll to it. (Erm, not sure Elvis would agree that a bright pink heart is R’n’R but ya know what I mean).


I love the fact that “embroidery” is getting more and more modern. This is such a twist on needle work and is so so simple to do. It was actually inspired by all those Pinterest pics going around of wall art made from nails and wool – you know the ones I mean ?! I have been so jealous of all those amazing projects because if I started putting nails in my wall my landlord would probably kill me. So I have been planning to use the idea in another way and here we are – a miniature heart version.

The steps are super duper simple and I have done today’s tutorial in photos because yesterday’s video totally wore me out ! Let’s go, hope you like it !

To make a graphic heart cushion cover, YOU WILL NEED :

– A cushion / pillow cover (homemade or ready-made)
– Something to fill it with (fluff or a cushion)
– An A4 piece of paper
– A marker
– A ruler
– A needle big enough for wool
– Wool in any colour you fancy
– An embroidery hoop
– Scissors

DIY coussin coeur

Step 1 : Fold the piece of paper in half (long ways)coussin1

Step 2 : Draw half a heart up against the fold, making it as big as you can on the paper.coussin2

Step 3 : Use your pen and ruler to make your heart more square by cutting the curves and drawing straight lines to form the heart-shape instead.coussin3

Step 4 : Fold your piece of paper back over in the same place and use your needle to poke through the pointy parts of the heart so that you can see these pin-points on the other side of your paper.coussin4

Step 5 : Join the dots !coussin5

Step 6 : Place your heart in the middle of your cover.coussin6

Step 7 : Open your cover and place the back of the hoop inside the cover and the front over the paper at the front. Put together and tighten making sure your fabric and paper are pulled quite tight.coussin7

Step 8 : Thread your needle with approx 75cm of wool.coussin8

Step 9 : Starting at the back of your fabric, poke through the bottom point of your heart. Leave approx 10cm of wool at the back but don’t tie it or double stitch.coussin9

Step 10 : Stitch over your heart, stopping in each “corner”. Go all the way around.coussin10coussin11

Step 11 : As suggested earlier, when you get back to your starting point, tie a knot in your wool, as close to the fabric as possible.coussin12

Step 12 : Remove the paper from the front of your design with the help of scissors.. Mind you don’t cut your wool or you’ll have to start all over again (says she…).coussin13

Step 13 : Join all the dots together as long as you stay inside the heart. coussin14

Step 14 : To change colour simply tie a knot with the ends of the two pieces of wool and carry on. coussin15coussin16

Step 15 : Stop when you like the look of your heart !coussin17

Step 16 : Stuff the cover…coussin18

Step 17 : To make tassels, go around your hand with wool approx 50 times.coussin19

Step 18 : Remove the wool from your hand and insert a pen at the top. Tie a knot around the wool with an extra piece, tightening just below the pen.coussin20

Step 19 : Snip the bottom of the wool…coussin21

Step 20 : …and stitch to the corners of your cover !


Tadaaa !coussin24

This area of my flat is coming on so quickly, it’s like a wave of colour and glow each time I walk into the room – I’m loving it ! Do you ?!

Lots of graphic love,