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Redecorating my home – Part 2

DIY simple curtainHello everyone !

Wow, I thought I’d never get this video live ! Filming from home definitely takes some practice… And because I haven’t been filming for long, I’m not yet used to all the details that need thinking of before hand… Which is why this video is about a curtain you can’t see. Ha ! I exaggerate. But only slightly. The thing is, I wanted to create a back light effect for my videos and have managed to do just that by using a very thin piece of white fabric. Only, this video is about that piece of white fabric but because of the back light effect you just can’t see it ! Doh ! Oh well, I have posted it anyway, as an update on how the redecorating is all going. I love the outcome and the case for the cushion there too. Hope you like them too !

So what do you think ?! I absolutely love the bright BingoGodz colours in that window seat cushion – amongst the orange and red are a bright blue and vivid green to brighten up the Autumn season 🙂  In fact, a lot of DIYs have come to incorporate as much bright colours to their crafts; similar to the aforementioned online bingo provider. Since such colours (pink, orange, and purple) caught my attention, I made these hues an inspiration for adding lively color in my home sweet home.

Meanwhile, as I said in the video, the brand is ROWAN and their designs are pricey but well worth it ! I’m also really pleased with the light that comes through the window, it all looks so poetic and gives me a pretty aura all around my body hehe

Tomorrow things are going to get a little bit more crafty on here (what do you mean how is that possible ?!)– now that I have a base to work from in that cute little corner of space I will be adding in accessories starting with an adorable cushion design tomorrow – stay tuned !

Oh and if you have no idea what’s going on, check out last Thursday’s post where I explain the aim of this week’s game !

Phew, all that high quality film producing has made me hungry 😛




  • Lauren says:

    I love what you’ve done with it so far! That curtain trick is really good with the bows and the wire. I think I’m going to try that so I don’t have to put up a curtain rod 🙂 Thanks for a lovely video!

  • Rebecca says:

    Loving the videos 🙂 (this is actually an answer to your last video post)

    That fabric is amazing – I love having loads of beautiful fabric in advance…just ready to pick from (only the problem is sometimes I don’t dare use it “hmm no I have to keep that for a special occasion” or “oh no then I won’t have any of that pretty fabric left”, duh !) and the invisible curtain made me laugh 🙂 – lovely light !

    Rebecca xx