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How to make a skirt with just 1m of fabric !


Once upon a time (a few weeks ago), there was a red bus in a bad mood. And when red buses lose their temper, their route can change in seconds. Instead of going to their usual terminal, the double deckers drive around London aimlessly, leaving their passengers on the side of the road in all the wrong places.

On this day, in this red bus, there was a young lady with so many ideas she had had to learn to write with both hands at once in order to jot them all down. Lost in her dreams, the inventor hadn’t noticed the red bus was in a grump and jumped when the driver called her down. “You going to have to get off, love. Our route has changed.” Lost in the middle of nowhere, the girl did what you should always do in that situation : look left, look right, and walk straight on with purpose. However, straight on, meant walking into a shop. Oh, what a shame ! And not any old shop – a fabric shop. Probably one of the only ones she had never seen before in London. It was as if the fabric shop had magically appeared to make up for the red bus’s strop.

Her hands already tingling, the young lady pushed open the door. Her radar clicked on : “now to find that perfect piece of fabric” ! She knew it had to be in there somewhere, although she wasn’t quite sure what exactly she was looking for… Under the tartan, above the lace… But no digging was needed to find the perfect fabric that day. It was already out, waiting for her. Or rather, recovering from some one else’s plans.


” It’s nice, isn’t it ?! » said the salesman as she gazed at the dotty net. « I have just sold 20m to Madonna’s seamstress…”

Tempted to believe him and already in love anyway, the young lady ordered her own net. “Just one meter for me, please. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet so I have a rule. I never buy more than one meter unless it’s for a particular project” she explained. “It avoids me living in a world of unused supplies.” Good thinking !

So the salesman cut one meter and took an awful lot of money for that small length… ” It must be fit for Madonna !” The young lady thought to herself. Ideas were already whizzing around her mind, bumping into each other and whizzing round in the other direction. Inspiration was working its magic ! Finally, the young blogger decided to make a skirt – she had been promising easy tutorials to her lovely readers for weeks… “I’ll call it my Madonna skirt” she said “and I’ll show everyone how they can make a skirt with just one meter of fabric !”. And so she did.


Without a wait, the young lady got making. Not a camera in sight, for she needed to concentrate 100%. Would the skirt be too short ? Would it have enough shape ? Suspense…

When she pulled on her Madonna skirt, the young lady couldn’t help but scream : “It’s PERFECT !”. The right length, the right depth, the transparence of the net… In less than an hour, the Madonna skirt had become a star in the young lady’s wardrobe…

– The End –

(well nearly, now the tutorial !)


DIY Skirt – tutorial below

Sweater : Topshop

Boots : Zalando

Ring : River Island (2012)

Scunchie : American Apparel (but here’s a DIY to make your own)

Under skirt : H&M

To make a skirt with just 1M of fabric, YOU WILL NEED :

– 1m of fabric with a 1m50 width. Go for good quality, you might as well seeing as you don’t need much !

– Scissors

– Measuring tape

– A piece of elastic 5cm wide and the length of your waistband

– Pins

– A safety pin

– A sewing machine

Step 1 : Measure the width of your fabric and devide it into 3 sections. You will have three pieces of fabric that now measure 1m x 50cm. Cut.

Step 2 : Take two pieces of fabric and place them one on top of the other, right sides together. Sew down the 50cm side. You will end up with one piece of fabric measuring 2m x 50cm. Add on the last piece of fabric in the same way, so that you now have one piece of fabric measuring 3m x 50cm.

Step 3 : With your fabric right side facing down, fold over the top of the fabric (on the 3m side) by about 7cm. Pin and sew making sure there is space for your elastic to go through.

Step 4 : Put your safety pin through your elastic and pull your elastic all the way along the tunnel you have just made. Make sure the other end of the elastic doesn’t go inside the tunnel or you’ll have to start all over again ! You want to thread the whole 3m piece of fabric onto your waistband.

Step 5 : Making sure it’s flat through the whole tunnel, sew your elastic together by placing one end over the other and sewing a square with an X in the middle of it.

Step 6 : You only have 2 seams left to go ! First of all, you need to sew down the side of your skirt. To do this, turn your skirt inside out and pin down the side. Sew down from top to bottom, including the elastic.

Step 7 : The final seam is the bottom hem and it’s pretty simple to do. Just fold over the fabric towards the inside but make sure your hem is as small as possible – because we’re only using a small amount of fabric the skirt is already quite short. A 1cm hem will be just right. Go all around the 3m of fabric.

You’re done and it’s party time !


Please note : In terms of size… I would say this technique would work from a size 8 to a size 12 (UK sizes). For smallere than a size 8, you might want to remove 50 and so work with a piece of fabric that measures 2m50 x 50cm. For a size larger than a size 12 you’ll probably want to work with a 3m50 x 50cm piece of fabric – oh no ! That means you’ll need a little more than 1m to make your skirt. But it’s work it 😉 As far as height goes, the skirt is quite short so if you are much taller than me this probably isn’t the right project for you. I measure 1m65 and it’s perfect ! If you are shorter or would like to wear the skirt shorter, simply trim to the right length before the final hem.

Love from a material girl !