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35 ways to decorate your rental home

35 ideas for decorating a rented house flat appartment home

Hello readers !

Wow – this post took me forever ! But I’m so pleased I finally got around to getting it together, I have been meaning to share some of these awesome projects for so long… I like sharing other people’s work, after all, you need other people to inspire you – it’s so refreshing feeding off someone elses good energy for a while ! I also like the fact that sharing other people’s tutorials means I can deliver 35 ideas in one go : I like to bombard you with inspiration like that !

The idea behind this round up was to inspire you to get decorating your home the way you love it, wherever you live ! Even if you’re in a rented studio, dorm or house – you want to feel at home ! And because I truly believe that home is where the heart is, these projects are full of love from talented bloggers 🙂 Hardly any of them require a nail or any pinning, so you don’t need to worry about losing your deposit next time you move. And for those of you who are lucky enough to have your own walls to paint, there’s nothing wrong with an extra project or two throughout the house – so give your favourite one of these a go ASAP !

I have included a few classics as well as some tutorials you might not have seen before… ENJOY !

DIY crafty kitchen ideas

Colourful utensils : Oldie but goodie – if you haven’t done this yet, what are you waiting for ?!
Decorate mugs : There are a few cute designs in this post, I love the black and white contrast and mugs like this are so easy to make ! A cheap and cheerful project that also works well as a homemade gift.
DIY cake stand and fruit bowl : I love this turquoise one…
Write recipes on pots : So cute ! Never forget grannie’s magic mix again !
Hang utensils on old shutters : Slightly more ambitious but oh so adorable… And useful !
Stick pretty labels on jars : There are some beautiful free printables on the page I have linked to – make the most and leave a comment to say thanks to the kind blogger 😉 (Yes, mom !)
Make your own (neon) tea towels : Very trendy and so easy to do ! Get that machine out !
Decorate your cupboards with washi : Why didn’t I think of this ?!
Decorate a tea-pot : Anyone can do this and the result is so designery !

DIY bedroom ideas decorate

Wooden headboards : No need to drill, just make a headboard out of old wood or doors and stick it between your bed and wall ! Magic !
Paper lampshade : This was sent in by one of my most loyal readers – it’s perfect for a soft light in your bedroom !
NO SEW curtains : This page shows you more than one methods – perfect for those of you who have been putting off making curtains like I have…
Make your own make-up brush pot : Couldn’t be easier and yet it’s perfect for keeping your brushes clean and all in one place !
NO SEW cushion cover : See it for yourself in my recent Instagram video
DIY Rope laundry basket : This tutorial is so much easier than it looks – what a genius idea !
Fun pillow cases: Say it like it is 😉
Paper pompoms : These had to go in somewhere so I classed them in “bedroom” seeing as that’s where I hang mine in beautiful soft colours.
How to make a dream catcher : This also makes an adorable gift

DIY living room decoration ideas

Painted vases: You have probably seen this one before, but I love how this version mixes two types of paints..
Masking tape frames : Just stick your pics up with tac and decorate away !
A skyline across your wall : Une idée que je vous montrais en début d’année, plus de détails par ici.
Decroate a wall with a dress : Why not use what you already have, right ?!
Paper flowers stuck with masking tape : So romantic, I love this idea. Of course you could use plastic or fabric flowers too.
Your Instagrams on the wall ! Or any other pics you have lying around… Try to keep the design geometrical for a more modern look that the usual dorm collage. Also feel free to resize your pics so they’re all square for a trendy touch 😉
A romantic material lamp: There are SO MANY lamp hacks online, I didn’t know where to start ! I particularly like how romantic this one looks, it is also too easy to reproduce.
Plants in tea pots : I’ve been meaning to plant some of these for a while !
Boxs as shelves : Nothing new, I know. But I have to put this tutorial up as it suggests a clever way to keep ’em boxes together… Also, why not make holes in the back to put wires through ? You could have lamps, printers, modems and more in there !

DIY rug

A braided rug: Suuuuuuuper easy and well worth the timely implication.
A printed rug : This project is 100% impressive.
A homemade bean bag : A little more complicated but perfect if you’re a good sewer ! (Sorry I lost the tute related to the image)
A black and white rug : Seriously clever – check it out.

diy hanging lights plants

DIY origami lights string : Perfectly explained, this tutorial is ideal for a quick bit of DIY-TVing. Why not try with colourful paper, too ? Remember, if you don’t want to stick nails and screws in your wall, you can always hang string lights over doorways, fire places and your bed…
Organise your accessories on a hanger ! : What an incredible idea…
Hanging plant : This tutorial is beautiful and I love the technical twist 🙂
Tissue paper tassles : Every day’s a party day !

And there you have it ! 35 ways to decorate your home WITHOUT losing your deposit on your way out ! I hope you enjoyed these projects as much as me. Let me know which you would add to the list – leave a link in the comments !

Love from London