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Morning, Stokey !

Stoke Newington

This week is going to be CRAZY. I moved into my office this morning, have birthday celebrations from tomorrow on and also have a great announcement for Wednesday… So before the busy times kicked off I made sure I had a relaxing weekend. Friends, sun, brunch, shopping and watching films… It was perfect. I even grabbed the best bargain EVER : a Sparkle & Fade 100% leather biker jacket for just £35…. It was hooked onto the rails on the side of the road with a couple of German hippies waiting to negotiate prices. I didn’t even try to get it for less, I couldn’t take the risk of it not being mine !Stoke Newington

I have been meaning to show you pictures of Stoke Newington for a while. It’s my home borough here in London. People don’t know Stoke Newington until they move here, and then I don’t think they ever leave. It’s almost like a place where rock ‘n’ roll hipsters grow up and become the coolest parents in the world. And then at night younger folk comes in because there are so many awesome bars and clubs in the area.

chiensStoke NewingtonchiensStoke Newington is a super creative area, even Baksy loves it (apparently !). Here you can see a painting he once left us, unfortunately it covered partially covered up… Stoke NewingtonStoke Newington

Generally speaking, Stokey is such an inspiring place. If I’m ever lost for ideas, just a walk along Church Street is the most refreshing remedy. It’s quite an expensive area, I have to be honest. But the reason for this is that a lot of the food you find here is organic or locally sourced and everything is top quality. People recycle, stay healthy, top up bottles of oil and wine instead of rebuying… It’s all quite cliché but I find it very inspirational.

There’s a lot of homemade and vintage in the area, too. As you might have guessed from the above description ! Of course then there’s Whole Foods, what’s a trendy area without it ? But I prefer to shop in smaller shops where people sell their own produce or care about your order. There aren’t that many butchers or markets in London, but here we have lots of choice. Having said that, I think the shop type we see most around here is the classic thrift store…Stoke Newingtonblog modeStoke NewingtonStoke NewingtonStoke NewingtonStoke Newingtonblogueuse modeStoke NewingtonMelonsStoke NewingtonStoke NewingtonOpen signblog modeStoke NewingtonStoke NewingtonOne of my favourite moments in Stokey is weekend mornings. There might be a few too many kids (forgive me but there are LOADS and they all CRY NON STOP), but it’s still perfect for a relaxed brunch… There are a few cute cafes who do great breakfast, my favourite so far being the Fat Cat because they serve my salmon in a flower shape 😉carrot cakecoffee artbreakfastStoke NewingtonStoke Newington

So there you have it, Stoke Newington ! If you ever have an extra afternoon in London, check it out… It’s also a quick walk to Dalston which is pretty cool too, this is where my new office is so I’ll be sure to take some pictures to show you soon !blog mode

Hat – H&M
Necklace – Primark
Tee-Shirt – COS
Shorts – American Apparel
Bag – Petite Mendigote

Hope you enjoyed your visit ? And that you’re weekend was glorious too 🙂

Bisous xx


PS – Meet me here tomorrow for a special birthday wishlist !