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Clones N Clowns by Aimee Wood

Avenue 32


Yesterday I attended an event organised by Avenue 32. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know anybody there so I spent a lot of my time hiding behind my camera – I’m shy like that !


I did feel like you were with me though, as weird as that may sound. I saw how the other fashion bloggers grouped together, took photos of each other, almost held back from eating the delicious breaky provided, ooohed and ahhhhed over the clothes on show… Oh and, bloggers tend to have the hugest cameras ! I had a small lense on mine yesterday so I had to remind myself that “size doesn’t count” ^^ Generally speaking, all the bloggers looked very stylish, many with a typical London modern-yet-retro look, and as for the items on the rail… Just : WOW.av32_23av32_5av32_22av32_24av32_19av32_12

I am so inspired by Avenue 32’s whole concept : the website stocks emerging designers as well as better known designers, sharing the credibility and promoting newcomers with talent. I love that idea. Promoting designers is something I’d love to get involved in and I think it’s a new dimension I’d like to introduce to this blog.

Although I’m a total DIY freak, I do genuinely believe supporting talented designers is a good thing. It’s one of the reasons I’d rather DIY a project inspired by a trend rather than attempt to reproduce a designer’s actual piece of clothing or accessory. Well, OK, I did recreate the Moschino paper boat clutch – it was irresistible ! But as a general rule I try to do my own thing and if I love another person’s creation, I will also try and buy it or not have it at all. Personal rule.

The prices on Avenue 32 are what you might call “affordable luxury”. I mean, you’re not going to fill your basket without having to deal with triple digits, but new designers tend to charge more understandable prices for their work. It’s not so much about the hype and branding, it’s a lot more to do with quality, materials, work and talent. I think I’m going to start saving up to buy less high street and a little more “luxe”. My dream style would definitely be a bit of homemade, a bit of cheap ‘n’ cheerful high street and a beautiful designer piece to top it off. When’s payday already ? Uh oh, today…


So I’ve been thinking. How can I (and you) boost my wardrobe without failing to pay the rent ? Well, there are so many sites out there with second hand designer, and then there’s ebay, and also sales and “private” sales… There’s actually a lot of alternatives out there if you’re looking to buy designer at a lower price. So what I’ll do sometime soon is take the time to dig out some online luxe bargains and post you a top ten selection – what do you think ? Something like “OK I’ve found these, they’re amazing, one of you grab ’em nooooooowwww”. A cheaper way to upgrade your wardrobe. Come on, let’s get designer clever 😉