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Wearing an infinity scarf as a dress : Would You ? #6

wearing infinity scarf as a dress

Good morning !

I promised you I’d try wearing an infinity scarf as a dress after posting about how flexible circle scarves can be. A French reader told me she wasn’t sure and that these scarves look way too much like a baby-sling to her… That made me laugh. I suppose they do. But I try not to think of it because I actually really love these accessories – they’re ideal as a light cover-up on Summer nights but also do a good job keeping you snug in the Winter.

Wearing one as a dress however, is a whole different story. Since the creation of my “Would You?” category, it’s safe to say I’ve shown you things that I definitely would wear. Although curiosity makes me give these fashion crazes a whirl, I guess I definitely choose to try the ones I’m likely to like best. But today, I think we have an exception. Which means my answer to the question “Would you wear an infinity scarf as a dress?” would probably be no. And this is where the Would You category gets interesting 😉

Infinity scarves actually grabbed my attention a long time ago. From a marketing point of view, I think the product is fab. One giant piece of cheap fabric + one single seam even a newborn could sew if he/she tried = one million ways to wear a scarf. Huh. Clever. If you have no idea what I’m on about, check out this Amerian Apparel pic on my Do It Yourself Pinterest board.wearing infinity scarf as a dress Before posting these photos, I’ll admit there was a lot of playing around. I really wanted to try and find the chicest way to wear this scarf as a dress. I like a good fashion challenge ! I posted a pic on Instagram showing you how I wore this very scarf in a beachwear fashion – but that just wasn’t good enough. I finally decided this was the design I wanted to show you : the scarf is passed under my arms, knotted at the back and also gathered and knotted at the side for extra texture. I think the end result is cute and to be honest I think you could go out like this without people asking you if you are wearing your shower curtain. But I do still have a few reservations…wearing infinity scarf as a dress

I think the main thing that would put me off wearing this infinity scarf as a dress is the material. It doesn’t exactly let you off… Although these pics show a very gathered front, the back was much tighter and clingy – I wouldn’t even put pics on my blog, it’s way too revealing. I wasn’t exactly walking around London with my knickers on show but let’s just say nothing was left to the imagination either. Not a look I would usually go for ! To avoid such transparency, the idea is to get gathering. Like I did here are the front. It works quite well but because the material is cuddly and warm, it’s also quite heavy. This means that however good you’ve been at dieting all Summer, your bikini-worthy tum will have a few pounds piled on in this “dress”. Your boobs will suddenly grow too, but I wouldn’t say that’s so much the problem ^^wearing infinity scarf as a dress

So there you have it, my attempt at really wearing the infinity scarf as a dress. I wouldn’t do it again anywhere other than at the beach. But maybe you have some ideas ? If you give it a try, email me a pic ( or instagram me (@clonesnclownsblog) – I’d love to see how you pull it off !

Love from London,