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Back to school bag : DIY handwritten tote bag

customize tote bag

Back to school bags… I remember this being a critical choice each year. In fact, if I’m honest, it still is. There are a lot of habits I have kept from my school / uni years and so as the month of September approaches I have found myself looking at bags more than usual… After showing you how to reproduce any font onto fabric, I thought I would encourage you to also embrace your personal handwriting. Quotes, lyrics and thoughts look beautifully inspirational when handwritten and they’re the perfect touch to a plain tote bag.

Plain tote bags come pretty cheap so I buy them in tens and randomly customise them to fit my outfits and moods. This one I particulary like and you can tell is definitely in sync with my return to the city (see yesterday’s post for more London love). When designing this bag, I decided to definitely go with the sketchy look rather than try to get a professional looking print – I wanted it to look arty and so left the paint looking rough.

Writing your own message on a tote bag couldn’t be easier, but here is a tip I use to make sure the result is what I’m hoping for :

After practicing your design with a pen and paper, find the centre of your tote and draft the design on in chalk. If you go wrong, simply use a damp sponge to remove the chalk, wait for the tote to dry and start to personnalize a tote bag When you are happy with your design, take a paintbrush and acrylic paint (you can wash it just like fabric paint, it’s simply easier to use and cheaper) and paint over your chalk design. Wait for the paint to dry and brush away any visible chalk.customize tote bag And there you have it ! A personnalised handwritten tote in no time.customize tote bag

Have a lovely week-end !

Love from London,