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DIY strawberry bikini !

DIY bikini

Good morning !

Today it’s time for another customisation idea for your old bikinis. Come on, I bet you have a couple lying around that would luuuuuuuurve a revamp. These crochet strawbs are to die for, whether you pop them on your own bikini or on your daughter’s or lil’ sister’s… I personally don’t mind the childish look in fact I’ve been wearing this bikini a lot of the time on holiday and it seems to please – I even get whistled at from time to time. By my boyfriend, that is. Ha.DIY bikiniI found these crochet strawberries on La Mercerie Chic again, but you can probably even make your own if you’re crafty like that ! If not, I’m sure you can dig some out on Etsy or something, let me know if you find any ! I used 13 of them (6 on each boob and one of the bum^^) so all together this swimsuit cost approximately £20 to make – meaning I get a unique and adorable bikini for less than a pretty swimsuit would usually cost ! WIN !DIY maillot de bainWhen you have a bikini to do up and your crochet details at the ready, all you have to do is stick or sew them on. I recommend sewing, really, because when you’re in and out of the water you want your strawberries to stay in place. If you can’t be bothered to sew and reaaaaally want to use glue, make sure you use one that is elasticated enough or you’ll be sqeezing into a stiff bikini – not nice.

I placed mine in a pyramid shape on either side of the bikini top and kept just one for the middle of the bikini bottoms.customer maillot de bainJ’adore 🙂 Don’t you ?!DIY bikiniDIY bikini

See you tomorrow !



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