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DIY 90’s scrunchie

DIY scrunchie Hey ladies !

I’m back with our third hair accessory DIY and as you might have guessed t’s a scrunchie ! So along with the Liberty braided headband and yesterday’s maxi bow hair clip that makes 3 cool new DIYs for you to try out. Admittedly, this is something a lot of you will already know how to do – although you may never have tried making a scrunchie with a ready-made hair band before. I find the result is sturdier than when you tie or sew your elastic together yourself.

Scrunchies are one of the very first things my Mom ever taught me to sew. I remember when I was young, I used to have one matching every single dress in my wardrobe – lucky me ! My mom would make the dresses and then use leftover fabric to make matching scrunchies. I’m sure you have bits of fabric lying around too so with the return of the scrunchie you’re bound to use them up !

To make a 90’s style scrunchie, YOU WILL NEED :

– A hair elastic / hairband

– A pretty piece of fabric 90cm x 10cm

– A needle and thread

Step 1 : Fold the fabric right sides together. Hold both corners inside the elastic so that the hairband is inside the tube.DIY scrunchieStep 2 : Stitch the two corners together.DIY scrunchieStep 3 : Carry on stitching, creating a tube with your fabric with the elastic band inside.DIY scrunchieStep 4 : Continue until you reach the end of your fabric.DIY scrunchieStep 5 : You should end up with an open scrunchie with the material the wrong way out.DIY scrunchie Step 6 : Scrunch the fabric tube over your thumb.DIY scrunchieStep 7 : And pull one side through the tube in order to get the fabric the right side out.DIY scrunchieStep 8 : You should have an unfinished scrunchie again but this time with the fabric the right way out.DIY scrunchieStep 9 : Now fold one end of the fabric tube inwards by about 1cm. Push the other side in too, joining the scrunchie neatly.DIY scrunchieStep 10 : All you need to do now is sew along that line and you’re done ! Don’t worry about the hairband in there, you can either push the needle through it or skip it.DIY scrunchieAnd you’re done ! A homemade scrunchie in no time 🙂 Cute and fashionable, worn in all different ways ! You can make scrunchies like this one out of all sorts of fabric – I’m thinking denim, silk, leather… Go wild ! You can also change the widge and fullness of the scrunchie by changing the dimensions of the fabric. Have fun !DIY scrunchie

And as a bonus, I dug out an old photo of me with a matching dress and scrunchie my mom made – thanks mom 🙂

chouchou 90's

xx from London