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DIY maxi bow hair clip

DIY hair bow

Hello ?! Is anyone here ?! Oh you are still here !!!! Thanks so much for stopping by when I have been out and about doing other stuff, I have been as busy as the bees on my DIY espadrills and haven’t had time to blog. All good though, lot’s of fun things going on ! And now I’m BACK !

Talking of which, I hope you’re up for a few swimsuit DIYs from next week on ?! I have 5 planned for the next couple of weeks and have started working on them already, they look fab ! Can’t wait to share.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to our DIY hair accessories. I promised three, so after last week’s Liberty headbands (glad you liked them, watch out for a giveaway !), here’s a giant bow American Apparel style clip. I always dribble when I see them there behind the counter but there is no way I will pay that price when I know I can do it myself… So I finally got round to it… And hope you do too !

To make your own American Apparel style Maxi Bow Clip, YOU WILL NEED :

– A piece of pretty fabric 40 x 15cm

– A second piece of fabric 8cm x 10cm

– A needle and thread

– A hair clip (I simply bought mine from Claire’s)

– A hot iron

Step 1 : Fold your large piece of fabric in half, right sides together. Iron.

Step 2 : Run a stitch all the way around the piece of fabric (all three open sides) LEAVING A 3CM HOLE !DIY noeud cheveuxStep 3 : Turn the fabric the right way round, feeding it through the 3cm hole. Use your needle to pick at the corners so you have nice rectangular shape.

Step 4 : Fold the edges of the 3cm hole in and sew together with a tiny stitch. Iron all seams. DIY cheveux noeudStep 5 : Fold the edges of the smaller piece of fabric in. Iron flat.DIY accessoire cheveuxStep 6 : Pinch your large rectangle to form a bow shape.DIY accessoire cheveuxStep 7 : Roll the small piece of fabric around the pinched bow.DIY noeud barretteStep 8 : Sew in place, but avoid you needle going through the whole bow. You don’t want any stitching to be visible from the front. Remove excess fabric on the small piece.DIY noeud cheveuxStep 9 : Remove the centre piece of your hair clip.DIY barretteStep 10 : Slip your clip through the back of the bow and put the centre piece back on to keep the bow in place. If you like, you can also add a dot of glue to the clip to make sure the bow doesn’t slide around. I recommend hot glue / jewellery glue / superglue for this. And you’re done !Do it yourself accessoire cheveux


You can make these bows in any size and with any bits of fabric you have lyring around – although I do recommend a Winter cotton or thicker fabric so that the bow stays nice and puffed !

By the way, if you have ever seen this year’s Nike X Liberty collaboration, you might recognize this pixel style fabric… It’s used on one of their gorgeous pairs of shoes… I was so pleased I found a piece in the Liberty scrap section !

And if you were wondering what I used as a backdrop in photo number 1, check this out…

See you tomorrow (for sure !) for our final DIY hair accessory… It’s all to do with a 90’s come-back, any ideas ?! Easy 😉

Lots of love from London,