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DIY Braided Liberty Headbands


Hello !

Today I’m fighting an old wives tale… Since I cut my hair short(er), I feel like I can do one million things with it. I can seriously change style on a daily basis, and this is so different from what people usually say about short hair. How many times have I heard people say they don’t want to cut their hair so that they can carry on doing nice things with it…?! Well you know what, CUT IT ! When my hair was long it would be such an effort to do something with it that it would end up in a messy bun on a daily basis. Now, I play with it all the time ! And accessories have become a fave…

When I posted a pic of a recent last minute headband on facebook, you guys went mad ! I’m so glad you liked it ! I took that for a request for more hair accessory DIYs and have planned three on the blog between today and the next few days – yippee ! So today’s DIY is a braided headband, just like the ones I was telling you about on my list of 10 things I (don’t) need.

I bought a pack of cute Liberty fabrics for all three DIYs, you’ll have to come and see what the other two are though, I’m not telling yet !

To make a DIY braded headband, you will need :

– 1 piece of fabric 20cm x 5cm.

– 3 pieces of same fabric 5cm x 1m

– 1 piece of elastic 5cm

– Tape or something heavy to secure your braid as you work

– Needle and thread

– Scissors

Step 1 : Fold your small piece of fabric in half, right sides together. Sew down the long open side to make a “tube” :headbandstep1Step 2 : Tie all three of the other pieces of fabric together and braid them :headbandstep2_1headbandstep2_2

Step 3 : Stop when you braid is the size of your head MINUS 8cm (so that’s 5cm of elastic with a 3cm stretch). Cut both ends close to the knots.headbandstep3Step 4 : Turn the fabric “tube” the right way round so that you have the print on the outside. Thread it onto the braid. Leave it there as you continue the project, we will come back to it later.headbandstep4Step 5 : Tie your piece of elastic to both ends of the braid :headbandstep5

Step 6 : Slide the tube of fabric along so that it covers the elastic, roll it in at both ends so you can’t see the edge of the fabric and sew it in place just above each knot stitching the edges of the tube to the braid. Your tube should ruffle over the elastic meaning that when you put your headband on and the elastic tightens the ruffled fabric allows it to stretch.headbandstep6

And your headband is done !headbandfini

You can have fun braiding the fabric more or less tight and why not even use different colours. And then you can wear your headband in many different ways – pick your style ! Here are a few ideas :headbands_hipster2headbands_glamour2headbands_fun2

So do you like it ?! See you tomorrow for another DIY ?!



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