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DIY Swarovski anklets and toe rings

DIY bijoux swarovski

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Why do we always feel uncomfortable about what our feet look like ?! Feet are feet, they’re there so we can stand on them and wear cool shoes – who cares if your toes are slightly wonky ?! It’s cute ! Which is why I think we should celebrate and decorate our feet with Swarovski crystals !

Colourful crystals look gorgeous on your feet in the Summer and these DIY anklets and toe rings are perfect for stacking or wearing individually. I originally made these accessories as finger rings and bracelets but thought that because the technique is simple I would add an extra suggestion to the tutorial by making them into jewellery for your tootsies too.

DIY bijoux swarovski

To make a DIY Swarovski cristal toe ring, you will need :

– One to three bicone crystals

– Wire (I used 0.6mm to make sure it passed through my crystals)

– Fine chain

– Two jump rings that are fine enough to go through your chain (I suggest you take your chain to a shop and ask !)

– A pair of flat, round and cutting pliers.

To make an anklet, you will need :

– The above supplies

– A few extra crystals if you wish – my favourite numbers for bracelets and anklets are 5, 7 and 11.

– Two extra jump rings

– A clasp

Here is how to make a Swarovski crystal toe ring :

Step 1 : Cut a piece of wire and make a loop at one end. Add on the crystals and make a loop on the other end, cutting off any excess wire. You should end up with something like this :


Step 2 : Push a jump ring through one side of the metal bar and through one end of the chain.

Step 3 : Simulate putting the toe ring around your toe, measuring the chain at the “fattest” part to make sure you can put it on and take it off.

Step 4 : Cut the chain in the right place and push the other jump ring through the other side of the bar and chain. Your toe ring should look something like this :


Now here is how to make an anklet :

Step 1 : Same as step 1 of the toe ring tutorial but with as many crystals as you like :


Step 2 : Push a jump ring through one side of the crystal bar and through the end link of your chain.

Step 3 : Simulate putting the anklet on and cut the chain in the right place. Put the anklet together with another jump ring.

Step 4 : Find the middle of the chain and cut it. Add a jump ring on one side and a jump ring and clasp on the other side. Your anklet should be completed and looking like this :swarov_anklet

Tadaa ! Easy, wasn’t it ?!

DIY bijoux swarovski

And of course you can use the same techniques to make hand jewels too !

DIY bijoux swarovski

So now you can put them on and shout out I LOVE FEET ! Or at least not cringe every time you take your shoes off !

See you tomorrow, around tea time ?!