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DIY Beauty : Almond and honey face scrub

homemade face scrub

Hello again petals !

Last weekend, I promised myself some me-time. Catching up with myself at such a busy time felt so good and I spent a lot of the weekend in pamper-land, watching films and sleeping… FEELS GOOD ! And I finally got round to mixing up a few beauty recipes again – I hadn’t done homemade beauty in such a long time and I missed its simplicity and benefits !

This almond and honey face scrub is nothing new – I’m sure you’ll agree. But that’s the whole point. It’s simple and yet so good. And I’m putting it out there because I’m sure that even if you know of this special potion, you have never tried it or haven’t used in a long time – am I right ?

I’m just as bad as any beauty lover and take any publicity ride going – I love falling for new products, making myself believe they’re essentiel to my life and will make me a better person. However, whipping this together made me wonder why I don’t just stick to simple, natural beauty products that I know work wonders, cost less and take care of my body in the best possible way. I guess if some Hollywood star became the face of Nature we’d all be rushing to the market instead of the beauty aisle… Until then, I’m definitely going to try and make sure I use this again and again, even if I enjoy other products too. gommage maison amande miel

An almond and honey face scrub is the easiest DIY beauty product to make. And yes, it’s delicious, too (as in “oh nooooo, I got it on my fingers……” lick, lick). It is soft on your skin and my face definitely looked healthier after the dull layer of dead skin was gone (eeek, I know). It gives you that special glow that shows you’re fresh and full of energy ! I have read you can use a scrub like this on a daily basis but to be honest I would only use it once or twice a week. Almonds are great for hydration and will exfoliate your face kindly. I would also use almond in place of sugar in any other face scrub, it is much nicer to fine skin. Honey is also hydrating and has the super power to kill yucky bacteria – because we don’t want any of that lying around !

To make an almond and honey scrub you’ll need two ingredients for one easy step :

2 spoons of almond powder + 2 spoons of organic honey. 

Mix it all up and scrub your skin in small circles. Remember to do your neck and chest as well as your face. Leave the mix on your face for a few minutes to get all the benefits from its ingredients and then wash as usual.gommage maison amande miel

Magic !

And next week I’ll show you a beauty recipe I used after my scrub involving wonderful calming lavender…

See you tomorrow !

xx from a café in Shoreditch, London