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Take a look at St Pancras International


When people ask me where my favourite places in London are, I never really know what to answer… I have already shown you a few places I love (see hereherehere and here), but there are just so many more ! I will attempt to show you more over the months to come – and here is a place I adore right now. These photos were taken ten days ago, on our way to France.stpanc3 stpanc2   stpanc5 St Pancras is one of the first places I ever saw in London. When I lived in the UK as a young girl, I moved around the North and West of England and never really went to London (or not as far as I can remember, at least). My first trip there was in fact during my first year living in France – a class trip to visit a few museums and famous spots. St Pancras is where the Eurostar leads, straight from the heart of Paris. It was weird being back in England with a French group, I didn’t know where I belonged !

Having been back here for a year and half, I still travel back to Paris every few weeks for work, friends and family. I love that place… And the excitement grows from the second I set foot in St Pancras International train station…stpanc6 stpanc8 For those of you who have been following me for a year or so, you may remember me saying about my love for train stations… Train stations make me happy 🙂 I love seeing people waiting to meet their loved ones and even emotional departures make me smile with affection. I find travelling by train so relaxing and stations have such amazing features like huge clocks, tic-tacing boards, beautiful floors and high ceilings… And people, each with their own story, rushing around everywhere, threatened by their own watches, impatient to get to where they’re going… Wherever that may be… For whatever reason they may have…

St Pancras is by far one of the most incredible stations I have ever seen. Some parts of it are literally breath-taking. It’s like a mini-museum, or a gigantic cabinet of curiosities. There are things to see all over the place, if you only take time to look.stpanc10  stpanc18Pianos are available for people to play at all times, meaning people buzz around to beautiful live music.stpanc4stpanc12 stpanc16stpanc13 stpanc14 stpanc17stpanc15    stpanc19 stpanc20 Tick tock, tick tock…stpanc21 stpanc22 stpanc23 Read “I can’t wait to get to Fraaaaance !”

If you’re ever passing by, make sure you have a snoop around, even if you’re not going anywhere. Don’t ever tell me inspiration doesn’t come free !stpanc24


Finally on our way 🙂