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DIY Charlotte Olympia inspired Kitty Flats

catsPREZIt’s no longer a secret (I have been shouting it out on all my social media accounts !), last week I customised a pair of ballet flats to make my very own pair of Charlotte Olympia inspired pumps. Adorable and so much cheaper than the luxury pair sold on Net-a-porter for over 600$ !

I hesitated between doing the cats and the latest Marc Jacobs pups but after asking you guys to vote on Facebook and Instagram I soon realised the cats were still the most popular design, even though a few other DIYers have already posted theirs over the past few months. So – here’s my version !

Regarding the style of shoe I chose – I’m afraid I’m just not into slipper flats… They stil look too grandparenty for me even thought I have seen some stylish women pull them off pretty well. So to make sure I loved my kitties as much as I hoped, I went for a classic ballet flat in black. Better safe than sorry ! DIY kitty cat flats charlotte olympa

To make your own Charlotte Olympia inspired kitty flats, you will need :

–       A pair of ballet flats in the size and colour of your choice (green, red, blue or white could look cute too !)

–       A piece of leather or faux leather big enough to cut out four cute little ears

–       Scissors to do so

–       Fabric or jewellery glue to stick the leather ears to your shoes

–       Fabric puffy paint in the colour of your choice (I stuck with the traditional pearly gold)

–       A piece of chalk to avoid making unforgivable mistakes

–       Four small green / blue / any other colour crystals for your cats eyes if you wish to add a little extra sparkle like I did

Note : Before getting started, I removed the bows from the front of my flats.


Step 1 : Cut out four triangles for your cats’ ears. Make them nice and pointy.


Step 2 : Put glue on the edge of each triangle and stick them in place, just underneath the insde edge of your shoes. Hold each one in place for a minute or two, whilst the glue kicks in, and leave to dry for a few hours.

Step 3 : Paint a triangle on each ear with your puffy glue.


Step 4 : Draw your cats’ faces on with chalk. If you go wrong (which is  probably going to happen more than once unless you’re a cat-face-genius !), simply rub the fabric lightly or better more, use a damp cloth to remove the chalk. Leave to dry and start again. YES this may take a while to get it right but it’s better that than having lopsided-not-so-cute-after-all-weird-looking-cats on they end of your feet. Agreed ?!


Step 5 : Once you are confident your cats look the way you want them to look, take a deep breath and paint away ! There are ways of making sure you get it right, like practicing on a piece of paper or loose fabric before starting on your shoes. Get used to the nib of your paint tube and to its fluidity which can vary from brand to brand and depending on how much paint is left. I advise trying to make swift movements when drawing your faces instead of drawing each line slowly. If you have the chalk there to show you what you have to do, just don’t think about it and go for it ! It will look much better if you have a self-confident line than a shaky line, if you see what I mean. Feel free to practice following random lines on a piece of paper too, until you feel you can get it just right on your shoes.

WORSE CASE SCENARIO – KEEP CALM AND always have a cocktail stick nearby. If you go drastically wrong, you can always use the point of your cocktail stick to quickly scoop up the excess paint tiny bit by tiny bit, making sure you flick it up, away from your shoes instead of pushing it down into the fabric.

You can paint your cats’ features in any order you like but my advice would be to start at the to and work your way down (even though you can tell from the above photos I didn’t do it this way around – naughty, naughty). If you work the other way, from bottom to top, there’s always a risk of your hand landing in the paint below the area you are working on and accidentally-smeared paint is not a good look. cats1

Step 6 : If you would like to add extra twinkle to your kitty’s eyes, add a crystal in each one by simply sticking them in the wet fabric paint.

Step 7 : When all is dry, remove excess chalk with a damp cloth.

And voila ! You have cute little kitties on your toes !


Hope you like them ! See you tomorrow for more fun and very soon with new exciting DIYs – I have plans for you…



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