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Hey’all !

So it’s Father’s Day on Sunday… Which leaves you about 3 days to go if you haven’t sorted yourself out yet… Considering two of those days are work/school days, that doesn’t leave you with much time to make your own gift, which is shame because Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both perfect times for handmade pressies. Unless…. You decide to make Dad a pair of cufflinks ! Classy and cool, cufflinks are way back in trend these days and for some Dad’s probably never went out. In fact, some of your fathers probably even wear cufflinks on a daily basis – what commitment !

cufflinks2 cufflinks3

So how about a nice new pair of handmade cufflinks that will make Daddy smile but take no time to make ? Sounds like the ideal gift ! You can make cufflinks out of literally any buttons in the world – especially the ones that have a loop on the back and a solid surface on the front – they’re just perfect for the job ! When making these (they took literally 1 minute), I came to wonder why people even buy expensive cufflinks when you can simply make exactly the ones you want with cute buttons !


All you need to make your own cufflinks are a couple of snazzy buttons, a couple of smaller buttons (make sure they fit through the holes on the cuff of a shirt) and a piece of chain. Depending on the size of your chain I suggest using one to three links per cuff. A pair of pliers will help you get your cufflinks together in no time, but I’m sure you can manage without if you don’t have a pair at hand (but I’m not saying it won’t damage your nails !).

Here goes the simplest Father’s Day DIY in the whole wide world :


Step 1 : Take 1-3 links of chain, depending on the size of your chain (remember, you only need the thickness of two layers of shirt cuff)



Step 2 : Open your link and put a large and a small button on (or one on each end of your mini-chain if you have more than one link). Close the link(s) to secure.

Repeat to make the second cufflink and you’re done ! Both sides look adorable :


Of course these would also make the perfect gift for hubbie/boyf too, but Valentine’s is still a long way off so they’ll just have to wait their turn 😉

Hope you like them and this DIY saves your lives ! Have a special day with your special Dads !

xx from London but getting ready for France…!


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