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Portobello Road


Hello !

I promised to share some pics of my trip to West London – let’s start with Portobello ! Because yesterday was a bank holiday, we figured it was the perfect time to visit this area because Portobello Market was not on. This may sound weird, because Portobello Market is a thing, but I have been twice already and just don’t get it. I find going on a quieter day is so much nicer, you can actually see the pretty buildings and streets instead of thousands of tourists and to be honest I have never found the market to be as interesting as the actual shops on Portobello Road. Question of taste, I guess – but yesterday was the perfect sunny day for a quiet walk in this popular part of London.

After a good walk and a bit of a browse, we stopped in a cafe called Gail’s which I highly recommend despite the expense (£10 for 2 coffees, a finger-sized sandwich and a mini cake). The breakfast there looks amazing but because we had already eaten we went for tiny bites of salmon and chocolate (not all in one go^^). porto2  porto4 portoporto3porto5  porto9porto7I won’t show you any more than the sign – you’ll have to go and see it for yourself ! But I can tell you Hugh doesn’t seem to hang around there too much – shame ! porto15porto16Nibbles at Gail’s – don’t walk past it !porto10 Old school cinema.

porto11porto8porto12 Hipster alert.porto13    porto17 porto18 Love this ! I think I’m going to put a similar note in my purse !porto19porto14porto20  porto22My DIY iKat bag felt at home in this arty place !porto24 Time for tea !porto21porto25If you’re ever looking for a gift / souvenir for a sporty friend, check out the vintage sports store, it is THE PLACE to buy vintage gear.porto27porto26  porto28 porto29

Pretty, isn’t it ?!

So definitely go and take the tour next time you’re in London and better more try to go on a quiet day ! I also recommend The Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Rd if you’re a cupcake addict (so good !) and if you have time make sure you have a walk around Notting Hill afterwards – it’s beautiful. I’ll show you some piccies soon.

There’s also a museum I’m dying to go and visit, the Museum of Brands. I didn’t go yesterday because the weather was way too nice but I’ll go soon and let you know if it’s good !

Have you ever been to Portobello ? Liked it ? Loved it ?

xx from RAINYAGAIN London.