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DIY cupcake carrier

carrier_porteWow… Welcome to the longest tutorial ever posted on Clones ‘n’ Clowns ! I have had this ready for a while now but just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and actually design the tutorial… I knew it was going to take a while – there are a lot of mini steps to show. It felt so therapeutic to actually get down to it and get it up on the blog !

I real life this is actually pretty simple to make. I mean, it’s a box. We know how to make boxes, right ?! The insert couldn’t be easier to make, turning this particular box into a cupcake holder for your beautiful cupcakes with tons of topping you don’t want to lose. It’s also cute for a pretty picnic or to take as a gift to a party.carrier_prez_eng To make a homemade cupcake carrier you will need :

– A large piece of sturdy cardboard

– A smaller piece of pretty cardboard

– A piece of ribbon

– A hole puncher

– A pair of scissors and / or a knife

– A pencil

– A glue gun

– A ruler

– Delicious cupcakes as a reward !carrier_tuto1 First of all, cut your large piece of cardboard into the above shape. Each main section of my box is 6 inch x 8 inch + tabs. I made the tabs very large for the bottom of my box are you can see above (the four large squares poking out on top !). This is to make sure no little cakes will be escaping through the bottom ! Nope, I want to eat them all up 😉 The side tab (left) is approx 1inch as are the two lower ones which will enable us to attached the handle in steps 21 to 24 This size box holds 4 cupcakes. You can of course make a larger / smaller box, just keep it proportional. carrier_tuto12Using a ruler, draw the lines shown in pics 4 and 5. Score and fold as shown in pic 6. This will enable the box to fold in at the sides as shown later on in pics 18-20.carrier_tuto33 Next we need to prepare the handle and pretty roof to our box. This is the part that makes it something special and also turns our box into an actual “carrier”. I love the card I used – those swallows with ribbon in their beaks are just adorable !

To make your handle, take your pretty card, scissors, crayon and ruler (pic 7). You can also use your knife to score the folds for a neat finish. First of all you need to measure out the middle and draw a line (line “a” on pic 8). Sorry my card has a confusing design on the back of it – only take note of the black lines ! Then draw another line 2 inches from the middle one (line “b1” on pic 8). Repeat on other side (line “b2” on pic 8). Now two more lines, 1 inch from those last ones (lines “c1” and “c2” on pic 8). Fold along all of these lines. Next cut out two identical handle shapes between lines b1 and a and again between lines b2 and a. Leave a good half inch between your handle and the lines (pic 9). Finally, cut a pretty shape along the side of your cardboard to make a pretty roof (pic 10).carrier_tuto4  Folding the box up and sticking it together is pretty self-explanatory so I’ll take a deep breath whilst you check out pics 11-20.carrier_tuto5 It’s time to put the roof on our little cupcake house ! Puncture the box (pic 21) on both handle tabs (see description of tabs in first part of tutorial). Puncture the roof (pic 22) making sure the holes will line up with the box when the handle is attached. Now cover one side of the handle with glue and stick it to the box lining up the holes. Fold over the handle so that the two handle holes are stuck together to make one sturdy handle. You box should now look like the one in pic 23. To close the box simply pinch it together and pull the roof over the other side of the box, lining up the holes again. The ribbon will fix it all together later on.carrier_tuto6For the cupcake insert, cut out a square + tabs. The square should be the same size as your box so mine was 6 inch x 6 inch (pic 25). Mark the card like in pic 26. Make slits in it like in pic 27. Turn your card to the nice side and fold the slits in like in pic 28. Insert into your box and add cupcakes (pics 29-30). carrier_porte4To close your box, pull it all together as described above and pull a ribbon through the holes. Pretty 🙂carrier_porte2Phew …. Hope you enjoy making cupcake boxes !

xx from rainy, rainy, rainy London…  (This weather seriously calls for indoor picnics…)



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  • Séco says:

    Je vois que tu as dégainé ton pistolet à colle sur le blog! En tous cas ce tuto est génial. Ca donne envie de faire des cupcakes et de les emporter partout! Bon week-end!!