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5 ways to make sure you drink enough water


If you’re like me, you probably have an amateur-nutritionist niggling at you at the back of your mind at all times, evaluating everything you put near your mouth never mind in it. Now, a post about drinking water might seem a little off topic on this blog but you see my so-called-inner-nutritionist believes drinking water is the most elementary start to DIY beauty one can get. Healthy, hydrated and glowing with energy are a BEAUTIFUL look. Tired, dry, scaly and wrinkled ARE NOT. Agreed ? I thought so.

Over the years, I have found myself complaining about so many things that ended up having just one simple answer : more water. Sometimes dry skin, sometimes greasy skin, fatigue, fine lines, brittle hair… All of these things have been scientifically linked to your water intake and are things I have noticed change when I stay hydrated. After all, even our brains need a decent water balance to function properly… OUR BRAINS ! So yeah, this stuff is serious ! Let’s not forget :

* Water makes up 50-70% of an adult’s body weight  – that’s a LOT of water needed.

* Your kidneys need water to rid you of toxins – and we don’t want toxins, right ?!

* Those toxins are eliminated through urine meaning we have to replace lost liquid with new, clean water in order to keep healthy. Otherwise our bodies shrivel up and we end up with ugly skin and sticky-out veins… Ew.

* Moisturiser acts as a barrier to keep hydration in… There’s no point spending a lot of money on a good cream if you’re not properly hydrated in the first place !

* By contributing to necessary processes in our bodies (digestion…), water gives us energy and energy encourages us to DO more and excercise… Resulting in a fit looking godess-like booty. Oh yes.

* When the body is missing something essentiel – even water – it makes us feel hungry. When we’re hungry, we eat. So we’re eating instead of drinking, often gaining unnecessary weight and still not getting the water we need. Duh !

The list goes on. So basically, WATER = LIFE. Simples.

So why don’t we drink the 2L water we know we should drink each day ? Because – let’s be honest – it’s a difficult habit to get into. It takes effort and, being the lazy ladies we are, we don’t like effort. I often sit down, working away, and simply ignore my inner-nutritionist-wannabe. Other times, I accept she’s right, get up, switch the kettle on, go back to work again and forget to make tea after all. And that can sometimes happen a few times in one day. As a result : I’m thirsty ! But then I won’t drink much in the evening so that I don’t get up in the night… And so it goes on. As a FINAL result : I’m not just thirsty, I’m badly dehydrated. Ugh.

Having said that, one of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to make sure I find a solution to this pattern. Over the past few months, there have been days when I managed to get my full amount of water down me without issues, others it has been more of a pain and on other days… well, on other days I have failed. But I’m getting better and actually realising what makes each day a good or a bad water day. With a little help from my inner-health-freak, I have put together a quick list of things that help me make sure I drink enough water each day – I hope they help you too !



The first step to making sure you have enough water each day has to be to ENJOY doing so. Of course you will enjoy the results of being hydrated – who wouldn’t – but if you need some kind of incentive (I know I do !), why not try adding a dash of cordial or making tea ? For an even healthier option, why not try aromatising your water with cleansing citrus or refreshing herbs ? Mint’s a great one, but I reckon basil could be tasty too 😉


When you know you have a lot to do, sometimes it feels good to see some progress. Why not fill a 2L bottle in the morning and work your way through it all day ? You’ll see the water going down with each glass and I bet you’ll feel good about it and drink more ! I tend to fill a glass bottle (so it’s BPA free) and keep it next to my computer all day… When I do this, it’s gone before my work day ends !


If you’re on the move, you probably find drinking water is tricky. When I’m travelling and stop for a drink, I rarely chose water over coffee, simply because I can’t stand the fact shops charge so much for a bottle of water ! But then, I don’t particularly want to be drinking coffee all day either, that would be awful. So I have found the best way is to carry water with me. Yes, water can be heavy BUT there are ways to make it easier, check out how many practical water bottles there are out there ! I use one that folds down completely when it’s empty. It holds just 1L so that halves the weight. I simply fill it before I leave home and once whilst I’m out – you can almost always find a place to fill a water bottle.


Whichever way you chose to drink your water, however you plan to carry it around with you, you need to make sure you do it CONSISTENTLY. And this is what I have been working hard at. It’s a shame to keep rehydrating and dehydrating again just because you make an effort one day and forget the next… Instead, try to weave drinking into your daily life. I have found grabbing a class each time I go past the kitchen – and making this a rule – has really helped. You could also decide to switch the kettle on everytime you go to the toilet, making yourself tea on the way back… Small efforts make all the difference.


This isn’t as easy as it seems… As I suggested above, lack of hydration can express itself in many unexpected ways. Try to figure out how you feel when you haven’t drunk enough water. If your mouth is dry, your throat scratchy, your skin pulling or your tummy rumbling, learn to recognize these things as thirst and you’ll find yourself drinking as much as you need in no time.


Hope this helps, let me know how it goes and if you have any other tips to share ?!




  • Kate says:

    This is a great post. It’s so bizarre that we live in such privilege that we could forget to drink all the good, clean water that is so easily available to us! I love flavoring my water with different flavors; cucumber-lemon is my favorite combo right now.

    Since I am a coffee drinker, I try to drink at least two glasses extra water per cup of coffee. Lately I’ve only been having one cup of coffee a day and drinking more water helps me feel more awake!

    • aimee says:

      Oooo cucmumber-lemon ?!!! Got to try this….!! And yes drinking extra water to “forgive” coffee and alcohol is a good point, very important ! Re the privileged world we live in, I thought exactly that when I wrote that you can almost always find a place to refill your bottle. We’re very lucky. xx

  • Leah says:

    Love the last picture of your bottle with encouraging words! Great idea!

  • Lauren says:

    Having pretty glasses to drink from helps too 🙂

  • Claire P. says:

    This is such a great idea and thank you for reminding us good habits 🙂
    This week-end I promise I’ll buy a bottle especially for bringing water wherever I go (especially at school)
    And I love lemon so perhaps I’ll add a few drops of it in my bottle!
    Have a nice day x