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DIY Butterfly straws and flowers


Is it butterfly season yet ?! It certainly is around here ! These pretty straws and flower decorations are the ideal DIY for your Summer events and they’re so quick to put together you can’t say no ! I’m thinking picnics, garden parties and even weddings… Why not ?!butterflies_pres_eng

To make butterfly straw decorations, YOU WILL NEED :

The DIY butterfly template (print off here on A4 paper) + pretty card + scissors + knife + pencil + straws.

Here goes the tutorial :papillon_pailles_tuto

To make these cute straw decorations, cut out the large butterfly template (IMAGE 1) and stencil onto colourful card with a pencil (IMAGE 2). Cut around your pretty butterfly with scissors (IMAGE 3) and slit the butterfly twice in the middle with a knife as shown in IMAGE 4. Finally, poke your straw through the butterfly and back again and you’re done ! No glue or tape needed, the butterflies stay up with their very own wings 😉

Next, to make pretty butterfly flower decorations, YOU WILL NEED :

The DIY butterfly template (print off here on A4 paper) + scissors + pencil + pretty card + knife + gardening wire + rounded pliers

papillon_fleurs_tutoProceed just like for the straw decorations but using the smaller (inside) butterfly template. The slits in the middle of the butterfly needn’t be very big at all (IMAGE 4). Poke your wire through and back (IMAGE 5) and then twist the top of the wire with your pliers to make a head (IMAGE 6) to keep the the butterfly from flying off ! Poke into pretty flowers and allow to flutter around at a few cm above the bouquet.papillon7papillon_straws2papillon5

I hope you love these little creatures as much as I do – I can’t keep my eyes off them !