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DIY portable picnic blanket

blanket_porte5     What’s the very first thing you need to think of when you’re going for a picnic ? And not just any picnic, the perfect picnic. You got it – a picnic blanket (how did you guess that ?!). So that had to be our 1st DIY of picnic month on CNC. I have been meaning to make a picnic blanket forever seeing as I don’t really like using the blankets we have on our bed or couch. I would rather have something made especially for picnicking – just because I like things to have their own use ! I also feel a picnic blanket has to be loud and fun, something to contribute to the colourful parcs and woods it will lie on. Rowan fabric had to be it – isn’t that print beautiful ?!

But it wasn’t just a question of which material to use… I wanted my picnic blanket to be light and easy to carry too. Having a picnic secretly means lugging around a whole load of stuff so I wanted to make sure it was nothing that would take up too much space or arm strength so that we could keep those for food and drink ^^


However, practical often means ugly. But I like pretty, girly, romantic, glamourous picnics. My portable picnic blanket had to be something special, something I would buy in a shop. So I included ribbon in my design to keep it fancy.

Taking all this into account, I came up with this pretty picnic blanket I’m super proud of, it turned out just the way I’d hoped !

This blanket is super easy to make so just follow the 10 steps in this tutorial and you’ll have one too ! blanket_prez_engYou will need :

– 200cm x 110cm canvas (or waterproof / waxed fabric to go against the ground)

– 200cm x 110cm pretty cotton fabric

– 2m of soft satin ribbon in a matching colour

– 1,5m of ribbed ribbon for the strap in a matching colour also

– Scissors, tape measure, pins, sewing machine and matching threadblanket_tuto_1 First of all, attach the ties to the upper middle of the canvas. I chose to fold my fabric in half (short side) to find the middle and so pinned at 55cm – half of 110cm – (IMAGE 1). From there I measured 7cm either side and placed the centre of my ties at 10cm from the edge of the piece of fabric. You need to pin the ties down in two places, once at 10cm from the top and once at 20cm from the top (IMAGE 2). Sew the ties in place with your sewing machine making sure you go over more than once because the weight of the fabric will pull on these seams. You can go over the sides to make it even more secure (IMAGE 3).blanket_tuto_2 Now it’s time to put your blanket together. This part’s pretty simple. Place your pieces of fabric right sides together (IMAGE 4). Stitch all the way around but before you get back to your starting point leave approx 30cm open so that you can turn your blanket the right way out (IMAGE 5). Oh and… make sure you don’t catch the ribbon ties as you go ! Turn your blanket the right way out (IMAGE 6), you can use a pin to catch the fabric and help you get those corners right if you need to. Finally, sew all the way around your blanket at about 1cm from the sides, making sure you close the 30cm you left open with the edges folded inwards (IMAGE 7). Again, make sure you don’t catch the ribbons as you go.blanket_tuto_3Last but not least, your portable picnic blanket needs a strap. Thread your ribbed ribbon underneath the ties as shown in image 8. Keeping the strap flat and untangled, join both ends and overlap, tucking the ends under for a neat finish. Fix with pins (IMAGE 9). Sew the strap together by sewing along where each pin was and then sewing a cross in-between each seam as shown in image 10.


Now you can go and strut your stuff in the local woods ! This blanket is big enough for two people or even three so it’s nice and spacious. If you want an individual size for your you-time, just make a 1m x 110m instead of 2m x 110m ! All the rest will work in the same way. And here’s how to fold it :


I hope you like it – now to fill it with wonderful food, gadgets, books, music and people !