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Dude it yourself #1 & #2


So I have been off blogging for a few days now so of course that means I have lots to show you ! Let’s start with a new column : DUDE IT YOURSELF ! Yep, DIY for men – what do you think ? I’m sure there are loads of men out there who want to get involved as well as many ladies who want to DIY for their friends and fam too ! I won’t be doing Dude It Yourselfs as often as I do women’s DIYs but from time to time a little testosterone will be fun 🙂

To start, here are two DIYs for men. I conjured them both up last week when I took part in this competition. Unfortunately one of my opponent did an amazing job and so I didn’t win the DIY comp (see more pics and find out more on my French page) but I still think these designs are pretty rad and worth sharing ! You might even be able to use the techniques in your more feminin DIYs – it’s all inspiration !Coloria_dudeityourself12

DUDE IT YOURSELF #1 : A dyed stripy tee-shirt


Although I have used dye a lot over the years, I had never yet found this technique. In fact I only found out this time by accident : there I was, quietly mixing my black dye in a bucket, wet white fabric at the ready besides me. Suddenly the wind decides to join in and my black dye powder goes flying… After a short-lived panic I realised the dots of dye looked fab and a brand new technique was born ! Here’s how I got the stripy effect :

You will need : a white tee-shirt, powder dye (machine dye), a bucket of water, a clean sponge, masking tape and newspaper to protect the area you’re working in. Make sure you can rinse the tee-shirt under a nearby tap too.

1 : Tape along the tee-shirt in stripes, just like we did here but wider.

2 : Wet your sponge and dampen the tee-shirt over the top of the masking tape. The dryer those protected bits stay, the better ! But we need the rest to be nice and wet so that the dye sinks in.

3 : Open the sachet of dye and lightly sprinkle it over the damp tee-shirt. Make sure you don’t cover it in dye or you’ll lose the effect. You almost definitely won’t need the whole packet just for one tee-shirt so keep at least half for another project ! Leave for a few minutes.

4 : Rince your tee-shirt in the bucket of water or under a tap, being careful dye doesn’t splash up onto your clothes. The masking tape might come off under the water, that’s OK. Just keep rinsing until all the dye is out and the water runs clear.

Leave it to dry and there you have it, a vintage looking striped tee-shirt !

 DUDE IT YOURSELF #2 : Contrasting jeans


This is a technique I used to use when I was a teen. I would chop off the back pockets of my jeans and dye or bleach them and sew them back in place. It’s easy but it’s quirky – the panel loved this at the dying competition last week !

You will need : a packet of purple machine dye, a bucket of warm water, an old wooden spoon or stick, a pair of white jeans, a pair of scissors, a needle and matching thread (because the thread on my jeans wasn’t taking in the dye I stuck to white). You also need to be close to a tap in order to rinse the trousers. You might also like to use rubber gloves to avoid having Smurf hands.

1 : Remove the back pocket(s) of your jeans with your scissors. Take your time, if you rip the bum of your jeans you’re doomed ! So make sure you get it right by pulling the thread little by little. You can also do the same with the belt loops if you wish to dye them a stronger colour too.

2 : Wet your trousers under a tap and pour half the packet of purple dye into your bucket. Mix it up with the wooden spoon and immerse your jeans fully.

3 : Leave for 15 minutes and rinse until the water runs clear.

4 : Pour the other half of the packet into the bucket and dip the legs of your jeans back into the dye up to just above knee level. Also add in your pockets and belt loops. Leave for another 15 minutes or until these parts are much darker than before. Rince the jeans again.

5 : When the jeans are dry, it’s time to sew those pockets and loops back on. Just put them back in place and sew as closely as you can to the previous seam.

6 : To cut the jeans into shorts, ask your male model to put them on. Trace a line just above the knee and ask him to take them off again. Now cut the jeans about 10cm below that line. Do a double fold back up on the outside and you have your preppy shorts. If you’ve got it right, the hem should be darker than the legs 😉

And there we go, two cool DIYs for Guys !

I also made perfumed flowers by tie-dying strips of white fabric in pink dye and rolling them up on real flower stalks. I used superglue to keep it all together because I was in a rush. You could also use flower glue (yes, its a thing !). The iPad cover was a bit of a gadget made just for the competition, it wouldn’t really protect an iPad so I won’t explain how I made that for now. The fabric I used was interesting though, I dyed white cotton in half a packet of blue dye, waited for it to dry and then used bleach on a paintbrush to lighten a zig-zag pattern. If you use bleach on fabric make sure you rinse it thoroughly as soon as you reach the desired colour or it will continue to bleach and eat away at the fabric.Coloria_pierre2

Wasn’t my model a hunk ?! He’s called Pierre, lives in Paris and of course works at Abercrombie 😉Coloria_pierreetmoiAwww !

Hope you like this new column, see you soon for more fun !