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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #30 with nautical bows


And the winner is………..”The one that was too small to see the sea” ! Cristal sent in this DIY for our readers competition and although it was VERY difficult to pick a winner (you’re all so talented, why am I the blogger on here ?!), I chose this one because it is an easy upcycle using two old tops to make one gorgeous new one. I also think it was perfectly executed. The top looks like it was bought in a shop – and yet Cristal made it in just a few simple steps from two old tee-shirts she wasn’t wearing any more. The nautical trend is back in again as we prepare for Summer so Cristal’s blue and white stripes work very well – but of course you could use any old tee-shirt and colours. I think this DIY ends the challenge perfectly, don’t you ?

You can see what else Cristal has to say (in French) on ! She has a few other DIYs on there too 😉


Thank you Cristal, you look adorable !

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And guys, thank you SO much for following the challenge. I’m pretty darn PROUD and so touched so many people have said they were inspired by the tutorials and even took part in the competition ! It feels so great to be sharing all my ideas and inspiration with you, truly 🙂 I hope you’ll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next ! Tee-shirt #30 is NOT the end of our fun ! So stay tuned ! (I also have a few craft fails to show you shortly too haha)

Lots and lots of LOVE

Aimee and all 30 tee-shirts – HIGH FIIIIIIIIIVE !