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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #25 with ribbon straps

DIY ribbon strap top

Colour, colour and more colour ! Tee-shirt #25 is adorable, don’t you think ?! I made it in just 15 minutes and I believe ANYBODY, yes ANYBODY who has ever done one tiny needle stitch (that’s just about everybody on here, right ?!) can do this. No excuses because it is easy. It’s also super customisable : you can wear red white and blue ribbons for July 4th, add a touch of pink on Valentine’s day, your favourite colours on your birthday… Or anything else on any other day ! You could even go with more of a nautical look with cord like we used here. But I just happen to love the association of different sizes and colours of soft satin ribbon !

So here’s how to transform a boring old tee-shirt into a beautifully happy ribbon strap top – the ideal outfit for a pretty picknick ! Here goes the tutorial :

DIY ribbon strap top

As you can see, all you have to do is remove the top of your tee-shirt (I used an XS man’s tee, it has a more appropriate square shape) and fold the front and back over a few cm towards the inside of the tee-shirt. Sew this in place with a needle and thread or machine. Pick your ribbons and cut approx 1m of each (remember you can always shorten but you can’t stick back on !). Take half the ribbons and pin them together with the safety pin. Use this the thread them through the front or back of your tee-shirt. Repeat on the other side using the remaining ribbons. All you have to do now is tie great big bows on your shoulders and you’re ready to go ! If you want to make sure nobody can undo the bows (kids, naughty friends or desperate boyfriends..?!) then you can stitch through the bows with a matching thread.

I think it’s super cute !! Do you ?!

Only five to go ! Phew !