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DIY paper boat clutch (Moschino-like)

DIY paper boat clutch

paper boat clutch diyIt’s official. I have a new favourite DIY. And it’s THIS ONE ! Argh, I just couldn’t resist it – I saw the paper boat clutch by Moschino on The Cherry Blossom Girl’s blog and my fingers went all fizzy and my brain went wild ! It just so happens I had everything I needed right here at home (thanks to left over white leather from THIS DIY), so I sat myself down with a pot of tea and made it right away ! Because you gotta catch inspiration while it’s on the run 😉paper boat clutch diy

You will need the above supplies. I would suggest buying 0,5m of white leather (or faux leather) and 1m50 of chain. You can then take away any extra links so it’s the right lengh for you.paper boat clutch diy

First of all cut out two pieces of leather in the shape shown in image 1. The size of mine was 30cm largest width, 18cm finest width and 25cm high. Place one piece over the other and trim one so that it is a couple of cm smaller on all sides than the other (image 2). To make things easier we will call the largest layer LAYER A and the smallest LAYER B.

Stitch the two pieces of leather together with both right sides facing the same way (image 3).

Stitch the zip to one side of LAYER B. Make sure the zipper is on the right side of the leather (image 4). Now stitch it to the other side of LAYER B (image 5). This can be a bit of a fiddle if the leather is too thick to turn inside out, just wiggle your fingers in there ! Finally create the purse part of the clutch by stitching all the way up both sides of LAYER B (image 6). I used a blanket stitch, if you don’t know how to that you can learn here or just use a tight running stitch (basic stitch).

paper boat clutch diy

Now that you have your inside purse, fold up LAYER A too and stitch all the way up both sides just the same as before (again, blanket stitch or running stitch – images 7 & 8).

Now puncture holes on both sides of LAYER B so that you can attach your chain (images 9, 10 & 11).

If you would like to add a leather detail to the zipper, just cut a strip of leather (image 12), fold it in half pushing the fold up through the zipper and pull the ends through the loop you have created. Tighten (image 13).

Now for the sail of the boat. You will need two more strips of leather (image 14). Mine were approx 7cm x 30cm. Fold them as shown in images 15 and 16 and stick down with fabric glue (image 17). Attach one to each side of your clutch, inserting the sails inbetween LAYERS A and B. Use fabric glue to secure (image 18).

paper boat clutch diy  paper boat clutch diyHow do you like it ?! Tell me you love it as much as I do !!!!

See you tomorrow for another DIY – this time it’s tee-shirt N°25 !