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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #22 with chain straps

Chain straps diy

Tee-shirt number 22 – wow we’re nearly there ! How am I feeling after 22 days of DIY challenge ? Pretty tired ! Although I feel totally enthused by the idea of nailing it and am LOVING the fact that so many of you are enjoying the challenge as much as me, it is a lot of work getting a decent enough tutorial online each day. The inspiration hasn’t been a problem – in fact I have more than enough ideas to go on and on after the challenge ends – but the fact that each project takes time to think it through, to get it right, to take pictures, to photoshop together into a tutorial… All that makes each tee-shirt a good half days’ work. Add on searching for supplies and… Yep, 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS is more or less a full time job 😉 I am so grateful I have other bloggers taking part, not only so that I can take a break from doing all that but also so that each time I have a breather I am sure to come back with new, better ideas. Your comments and emails are definitely keeping me going, it’s like having people shouting out your name on the side of a race course ! Thank you so much <3

Although I’m as busy as a buzzy bee, I still can’t stop my head from going wild at all the ideas I have coming up for you over the next few months. The challenge has got Clones ‘n’ Clowns noticed by a few new partners which I’m looking forward to telling you about and I also have loads of home projects and kitchen experimenting to do ! I have already put together a perfect picnic plan, showing you tons of ideas for a picnic à la française or a gourmet brit’ lunch in the park – yummy ! What do you think ? Shall I go for it ?!

Anyway, let’s get back to our tee-shirt number 22. An easy and yet ever so trendy one, don’t you think ? I can’t get enough of chain at the moment and simply replacing a tee-shirt’s sleeves with a chunky chain has got to be a Summer must-do ! This kinda fits in with my festival outfit guidelines I told you about here. I think it would also look SUPER CUTE on a dress – but I couldn’t do that because then it wouldn’t have been a tee-shirt ! Doh !

Enjoy the tutorial 🙂

chain straps diy

See you tomorrow for a new French guest ! She’s got something very different for you… Any mom’s out there ?!

BEFORE I GO ! Have you thought about what you’d like tee-shirt #30 to look like ?! Don’t forget tee-shirt #30 will be a reader’s tutorial so get your thinking caps on ! If you don’t have time to actually make the tee-shirt why not write it down or draw it ?! You never know, maybe I can help you out by actually making it…. ?! Maybe I’d even send it to you after making it … ?! Ha, get thinking people ! And read more about the DIY competition here.