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DIY paint swatch wall art

paint swatch wall art

One month of white tee-shirts… That’s an awful lot of white ! We need some colouuuuuuur !!!! There are so many other things I want to tell you about and show you at the moment – part of me is looking forward to next month so I have time enough to get it all online ! I have home updos to tell you about, cupcake frosting shades to share, jewelry, clothes OTHER THAN tee-shirts…!

Whilst we’re waiting here’s a bit of a taster ! This is a piece of wall art M. Marcel and I put together one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t it pretty ?! And I’ll tell you what, it’s ideal for pulling all the different colours in our livingroom together to make it all look more structured. Clever, right ?!paint swatch wall artpaint swatch wall artcolour7paint swatch wall art

You can probably guess how we made it but just in case here’s what we did : after cutting up lots and lots of paint swatches we flipped an old poster in its frame and placed the swatches RANDOMLY (just don’t think about it !) across the back. We were lucky they fit in just fine straight away but if you find that’s not the case with yours just play around with the spacing between each row and you’ll soon have a smart layout. We then used a stick of glue to secure them in place – don’t use liquid glue or the paper will probably wrinkle !

Tadaaaa !paint swatch wall artcolour11

A pretty EASY Spring piece of wall art.

See you soon for some more tee-shirts and home DIY !