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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #21 with neon fringe

DIY neon fringe tee-shirtI promised you colour in today’s DIY and colour you shall have. Bright neon green as a matter of fact. I came across this fringe in a trimming shop yesterday and knew that was what I needed to get this challenge back on the other side of the rainbow. I had already thought about doing a shrug but didn’t know exactly how I wanted to customise it – the fringe was the answer to my prayers ! It’s fashionable and also something you could wear on a bike to make sure you don’t get run over… haha. I think it actually looks fab and the fact that the shrug hits mid-waist is perfect for the fringe to dangle down over a more basic top or dress underneath.

DIY neon fringe tee-shirt

About the supplies : I bought only 2m of fringe and unfortunately didn’t have enough to go around the bottom back of the tee-shirt. I think this would look great so if you’re up for it go for an extra meter !

DIY neon fringe tee-shirt

See you tomorrow !


PS – Would you say this is yellow or green ? I say neon green which is very like a bright yellow but not as yellow as a neon yellow… if you get me. Let me know what you think and you might help me sort out a huge couple issue 😉