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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #14 with a customised message

DIY statement tee-shirt

Ladies and maybe even gentlemen,

Be warned. This tee-shirt is not like the others. Ohhhhhh no. This tee-shirt is a REVELATION. It’s a treasure come out of its cave for the first time ever, an exclusive piece of information JUST FOR YOU ! Oh DIYers, Oh crafts lovers, Oh people with something they want to scream out loud… This will change your life. Never again will you randomly try to write something on a tee-shirt only to realise you have made the first three letters three times bigger than the last OR WORSE that you have NO SPACE LEFT FOR THE LAST LETTER ! *CRINGE* Here for you today is THE WINDOW TECHNIQUE ! A natural light box that I have been using forever and ever amen and that you can use whenever you like too, for free.

So follow these steps to write the perfect statement on your boring old tee-shirt. Time to get that message across ! Right, are you ready for the wow effect ? Go !

DIY statement tee-shirt

Easy peasy lemon squeezy ! And yet SO, SO, SO useful ! I have literally been using this since the day I was born, or maybe even before then. Over the years I have written so many things on my tee-shirts, from cheesy lines to Blink 182 lyrics from when I was a teen ! And today my statement was a cool uni’ style one word GEEK – a style I’ve been seeing around

See you tomorrow for more DIY FUN !