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30D30TS : The day before


So Operation DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS starts tomorrow… What ?! What on Earth is that ?! OK let’s go over it one last time for those of you who haven’t been listening 😉

DIY CHALLENGE : 30 DAYS – 30 TEE-SHIRTS is a mission I’ve set myself… But not just myself ! Each day for 30 days, from March 20th (tomorrow !) to April 19th, a new DIY tutorial will be published on Clones ‘n’ Clowns, showing you how you can customise your old tee-shirts this Spring. But getting crafty is something we like to do with friends, right ?! Which is why I have invited a few other bloggers and creators to take part too ! These talented ladies will join in throughout the challenge, showing you how they’d recycle an old tee. I can’t wait to see what they come up with ! But that’s not all… Because I know YOU are full of good ideas too… So the final tee-shirt is YOURS to design ! Find out more when I launch the DIY competition in a couple of weeks !

So, what do you think ? Crazy idea or what ?! It’s too late to look back, the challenge starts TOMORROW ! I have to admit I feel pretty nervous ! What happens if I run out of ideas ? What happens if they all go wrong ?! WHAT HAPPENS IF I EAT A BAD SUSHI AND GET FOOD POISONING AND CAN’T GET OUT OF BED ?!!! Well I suppose only time will tell… But I have a good feeling everything’s going to go just great 🙂 And even if it doesn’t, I’ll share my panic attacks and epic fails with you right here ! Stay tuned !

OK so let’s have a last check to make sure everything’s ready…

Homemade photo backdrop : ✔

First supplies at the ready : ✔

Plain white tee-shirt : ✔

Two crafy hands raring to go : ✔ X 2

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